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48 Wood Balls, Assorted Sizes

Item #9550 In Stock

Variety of Sizes
Single Shape or Assortment
Classroom Economy Packages


Our unfinished wood balls are the perfect starting point for an array of wood crafting projects. Easy to paint and decorate, you can make anything from homemade dolls to holiday decorations, ornaments and even games! Have fun thinking up your own creative crafts.


Made from top quality, splinter-free natural wood, you can varnish or paint the balls any color or shade. The wooden surface accepts many mediums such as glue, crayon, marker, paint and stains  They are a staple in arts and crafts class because of their versatility. The only limitation is your imagination when decorating these wood balls!  


These wooden balls are child-friendly, non-toxic and will not bleed hazardous chemicals when drilled or cut. They are proudly made in the USA!





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