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Snowflake Ornament

End of year holidays is a great time for crafting and DIY decorations! Make-your-own ornaments can hang on your Christmas tree, classroom or bedroom to bring some holiday joy! This is an easy-to-make project for children of any age and requires a few basic Hygloss materials, along with crafting glue and a pair of scissors (to make your yarn string ornament hanger).


Hygloss Kolorstix

Hygloss Acrylic Gemstones

Hygloss Sequins and Spangles

Hygloss Bucket O-Buttons

Hygloss Crafting Yarn





The first step is to make the basis of your snowflake ornament using Hygloss Kolorstix. You will need 4 Kolor Stix per snowflake.

You can use same-color Kolorstix (red, blue, green, yellow, orange or purple) or mix Kolorstix as shown above.

Take two Kolorstix and cross them at the middle. Use a dab of glue to tether the two pieces together. Gently press them together for 4-5 seconds


Once you have the initial “crossbar” made and glued, take a Kolorstix (yellow as shown) and place that perpendicular to the green/orange cross as shown.

Next, glue the fourth KolorStix (red) to the back, to complete the snowflake structure.


This is the fun part! Once you have made the basic structure of your snowflake you can decorate it using any number of materials! You can use markers, glitter, stickers, sequins, acrylic gemstones and more!

As shown above, you can easily apply Hygloss Buttons, Sequins, and Gemstones.


Keep going! You are doing great!


Using Hygloss Crafting Yarn or any other type of yarn or string, cut a piece approximately 5-7 inches in length to make a fastener at least 3 inches long when looped.

Turn your snowflake over so that the back is facing up. Use a small amount of crafting glue to attach the yarn to the top of your snowflake. Be sure to give time for the glue to completely dry. Once the glue is dry, gently hold up the snowflake and let it “dangle” in front of you to ensure that your yarn fastener will hold. 

If the yarn gives way, gently lay it back down again, facing down and apply more glue to the yarn and gently hold in place for 4-5 seconds. Give another 2 minutes for the glue to dry and pick up again for testing before you hang your ornament for holiday display.

Now that you have the “hang of it” you can make even more Hygloss Kolorstix Snowflakes for display during the holiday! Make different designs using different materials and decorations. Easy and fast to make and will add some dazzle to your end-of-year festivities at home and at school!