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Study Buddy Ornaments

This is our favorite time of year for making crafts for classroom and home! There are so many wonderful holidays during this time and so much reason for celebration and decorating to celebrate the festivities! Our Study Buddies ornaments are super-easy to make and decorate and will look great on your holiday or Christmas tree, classroom bulletin board, home mantle or bedroom. Decorate and celebrate with Hygloss crafting materials.


Hygloss Study Buddies

Hygloss Acrylic Gemstones

Hygloss Sequins and Spangles

Hygloss Glitter

Hygloss Crafting Yarn

Glue or Glue Stick





There really are no “steps” to turning your classroom Hygloss Study Buddies into hanging ornaments since they are ready to be used by design! Simply thread the hole at the top of the ornament using Hygloss Crafting Yarn or any other form of yarn or string. Decorate with Hygloss acrylic beads, words, drawings, pictures, stickers and more! We have included a few examples below to get you started!


Great for Hanukkah decoration!

Now that you have the “hang of it” you can make even more Hygloss ornaments for display during the holiday! Make different designs using different materials and decorations. Easy and fast to make and will add some dazzle to your end-of-year festivities at home and at school!