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Forever Cupcakes?  Would you like to create cupcakes with the kids that last forever?  Now you can with this Sweet Faux Cupcake Project.  With just a few simple supplies from Hygloss you can create a bakers dozen for all to enjoy.  All you need are our craft cups in white or color, 2 inch styrofoam balls, some model magic, paint and glue. So let’s get started….

Faux Cupcakes



hygloss styrofoam balls


Step One

Glue a 2 inch styrofoam ball into the craft cup. Let Dry.

Step Two

Roll a snake shape from model magic and roll/press around the styrofoam shape (The styrofoam area exposed from the craft cup)

Step Three

Paint the cupcake form with craft paint.

Faux Cupcake

Step Four

Optional, roll little sprinkle shapes and a small cherry shape to add to your sweet cupcake.


  • Sprinkle the top of the cupcake with craft glitter from Hygloss Products
  • Download a historical guide to cupcakes and educate your children on the origins of the cupcake while doing this project.
  • Search for cupcake photos on the web or through baking books and use as a guide for making the cupcakes.

Faux Cupcakes

This project is perfect for all the little makers in your world. Check back often for more creative projects that are both fun and inspirational for all ages to enjoy!

Stay Creative!!!!