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Thanksgiving Place Cards

Here is a fun and historical project that can be done in the classroom or at home for some family fun. Thanksgiving Place Cards are the perfect way to introduce the history of our early settlers; Pilgrims, Indians and the concept of Thanksgiving. Each child can create a specific icon from history or turn themselves into a Pilgrim or Indian. All you need are some Family Cut Outs, Foil and Glossy Papers from Hygloss along with gel pens, paints and craft glue.

Lets get started….

Pilgrim Place Cards



  1. Choose a family cut out of choice for your base, set aside. Thanksgiving Place Cards
  2. Start cutting out pilgrim outfits from assorted Hygloss papers. Thanksgiving Place Cards
  3. Glue the cutouts onto the base using craft glue or a glue stick.
  4. Paint in hair, clothing and shoe details with craft paint. 
  5. Finally finish the face and other details with gel pens.
  6. Glitter and sequins are optional. Thanksgiving Place Cards

Some extra ideas could be to add your name to each place card, or Thanksgiving table guest. You could also try using yarn for the hair or add some sparkle with glitter.  This is a such a fun project to do in the classroom. Would be perfect to decorate your room or student lockers with.

Stay tuned for more Projects and Craft Ideas from Hygloss!