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Tropical Party Cups

Save on party cost and create your own party accessories like these fun tropical party cups. These are perfect for a summer party or event. Just grab some paper drinking cups at the dollar store, some Hygloss Paper, craft glue and create some party fun. Don’t forget to get the kids involved, they will love this project.



  1. Cut various sized fern or leave shapes from Hygloss paper. We used the green from brights paper pack for the leaves.
  2. Glue the cut fern shapes to the outside of the cups.
  3. Finally draw details onto the cups with a black sharpie pen. We drew x shapes for the pineapple cups and tear drop shapes for the strawberry and watermelon ones.

Some additional ideas would be to draw fruit shapes using colored shapes or gel pens. Add stickers, paper shapes, sequins, glitter or rhinestones to the outside of the cups. Make sure they aren’t glued near the drinking area of the cups. Add some juice, paper straws and have fun. When the party is over rinse out or toss in the garbage. Then make up a fresh batch for the next party!

Stay tuned for more exciting projects for the whole family to enjoy!