Bucket O’Sequins

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Add sequins & spangles to greeting cards, costumes, scrapbooks, & all your craft & decorating projects! Variety of shapes, sizes & colors.


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Hygloss Products Sequins and Spangles Variety Pack

A crafter’s dream come true!  There is something for everyone and every project in this bag.  There are birds, flowers, hearts, stars, butterflies and more in a mix of colors!  You’ll love adding a little shimmer and shine to the project you are working on.

Glue or Pin on Any Surface

Some people like to work with wood while others are into apparel design.  These sequins and spangles work with nearly any surface.  They come in a nice portable bag or reusable container, so you can bring them with you when you are on the go.

Create a Custom, Homemade Halloween Costume

Anyone can go to the store and pick up a Halloween costume off of the shelf.  It’s more fun to create your own and with these sequins and spangles to possibilities are endless!

Your Scrapbook Will Never Be the Same

There are so many different shapes and sizes for your scrapbook.  You can add a bunch to a page to make a nice collage or just one to make the page pop a little.


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