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Hygloss Products Sequins and Spangles Variety Pack- A crafter’s dream come true!  There is something for everyone and every project in this bag.  There are birds, flowers, hearts, stars, butterflies and more in a mix of colors!  You’ll love adding a little shimmer and shine to the project you are working on.

Glue or Pin on Any Surface

Some people like to work with Craft Foam while others are into apparel design.  These sequins and spangles work with nearly any surface.  They come in a nice portable bag so you can bring them with you when you are on the go.

Make Your Project Stand Out

Create a holiday shaker card or personalize your Christmas stocking.  You’ll love adding a little shimmer and shine to the project you are working on.

Your Scrapbook Will Never Be the Same

There are so many different shapes and sizes for your scrapbook.  You can add a bunch to a page to make a nice collage or just one to make the page pop a little.


Watching the sequins and glitter slowly and gently swirl and fall is a great sensory experience for kids of all ages.

With some supplies you have at home and some sequins, you can create your own sensory experience!

Kids love helping to create these, especially finding all the fun sequin shapes.

You will need:


  • Fill the bottle half way with water, and then fill the rest with corn syrup.  The corn syrup will help slow the movement of the sequins and glitter.
  • Don’t fill it too close to the top- leave some space for the exciting add-ins.
  • Pour in the desired amount of sequins and glitter.
  • Put hot glue around the neck of the bottle, and replace cap tightly.
  • Your sensory bottle is ready! Have fun watching the water flow and playing I spy with the beautiful shapes.


Sequins Shaker Card

Shaker cards are so much fun to make and receive.

Hygloss variety pack of sequins gives you endless options of pretty shapes to use in your shaker cards.

You will need:


  • Cut cardstock to desired size and fold in half
  • Determine where you want your window to be and trace your desired shape
  • Cut out the shape. This will be your window.
  • Cut 2 identical squares of Acetate, each one slightly larger than the cut out window (approx. 1/2 inch bigger on all sides). Glue one of them to back of the window, on the inside of the card.
  • Working on the inside of the card, place the Foam Tape (or glue strips of Foam Sheets) on the Acetate square, along its border.
  • Place the sequins on the Acetate, and cover with the 2nd Acetate shape. Make sure there are no gaps to allow sequins to fall out!
  • Decorate the front of the card as desired.
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