Craft Foam Blocks

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Craft Foam Blocks are a perfect starting point for many fun and beautiful projects. Use as a base for floral arrangements or craft centerpieces. Excellent for science projects, dioramas or holiday decorations.

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Hygloss White Craft Foam Blocks are superior quality and are terrific for making scores of innovative arts and crafts projects. The polystyrene foam blocks can be carved, sculpted, painted, and decorated to your heart’s desire. Get your Hygloss Craft Foam in squares or rectangles, and let your creativity soar to new heights.


  • SCHOOL PROJECTS: Kids can get creative and use block of foam for science experiments, dioramas, and creative project displays.
  • TEACH KIDS NUMBERS AND LETTERS: Easily carve a Foam Block into numbers and letters to help your tactile learners learn spelling, the alphabet, and numbers.
  • FOAM CENTERPIECE:  Use blocks of Craft Foam as a base for floral arrangements and display centerpieces at parties or events and in your home.


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