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With just some imagination your whole family can have fun with this end of summer project; “DIY Travel Pennants”.

Travel Pennant


Hygloss Craft Felt 

Hygloss Bucket O’Sequins

-Felt Glue or Kid Friendly Glue – For working with Kids always use Kid Friendly Glues.

-Other; Craft Scissors, Letters (printed to trace and cut felt letters)

Step One

Cut a triangle shape into two different pieces of felt. Make sure the second triangle shape is shorter than the first one. About 1/2 inch. Then cut two small felt strips for the end of the pennant. (see photo)

DIY felt banner

diy felt banner 2

Step Two

Print a sheet of 2 inch sized letters from a computer and cut out. Then trace the cut letters onto felt, cut again. Pick the letters for the state or town you visited.

Step Three

Choose an iconic symbol that you feel represents the place you visited. Draw onto the felt and cut.

Step Four

Assemble your pennant. Layer the two triangle shapes and two strips shapes and secure with glue. Then Add your letters and icons to the pennant. Secure with glue.

DIY felt banner 6
diy felt banner 5 diy felt banner 5

Step Five

Add sequins or rhinestones to your pennant with more glue. Let dry.

DIY Travel Pennants

How easy was that? So simple and so much fun. Imagine all the pennants you can make? In addition to traveling, you could make team sport, ball leagues, school spirit, and local town pennants. Such a great project for all ages to do. This could even become a family tradition after every vacation.

Stay tuned for more creative and educational projects from our Hygloss Team.