Dazzlin’ Dough – Multicultural Play Dough

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Multicultural Dough is premium quality, and it is fun and educational for young children! The reusable containers of dough come in a range of 6 skin tones.

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Celebrate diversity and let your kids’ imaginations run wild when they work with this multicultural play dough!

Our Multi-cultural dough comes with 6 assorted skin-tone colors.  You can use this play dough to help kids develop fine motor skills and improve kids’ hand-eye coordination. By squishing, punching, rolling and molding the play dough they will be strengthening their hand and finger muscles while having an absolute blast!
Multicultural Colored Dazzlin’ Dough is a great teaching tool as well. You can explore the topic of multiculturality and diversity while working with modelling.

The premium modeling dough is non-toxic and made of natural food-grade ingredients. This play dough does not contain any nuts, dairy, eggs, gelatin, latex or corn. It does contain wheat.
It is suitable for ages 3 and up and conforms to ASTM-D4236.

The Hygloss Products Unscented Dazzling Dough is proudly made in the USA!


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