Collage Sticky People

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Collage Sticky Board People are fun to decorate, without the mess of glue. Just peel off the liner and stick on your decorations. Easy to use for all ages.

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These Collage Sticky Board People are self-adhesive boards in the shape of cute little people. Easy to use – just peel off the liner and decorate, avoiding the mess and hassle of glue!

Kids will love using their creativity with peel-and-stick people shapes, which will become a popular addition to your arts & crafts supplies. Collage Sticky Board People are a great way to add fun to classroom activities, kids’ parties & more.

Have fun decorating them with wiggle eyes, fake curly hairglitter, sequins, beads, buttons, yarn & much more – all without messy glue! The adhesive on these sticky boards is very strong, enabling you to decorate with heavy craft items like gravel, sea shells, pebbles, etc.

Teachers love People Shape Sticky Boards! Have students decorate a little person in conjunction with a lesson that they learned. Encourage fine motor skills, creativity, and self-awareness in younger grades, by having children decorate a sticky board to look just like them!


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