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Bring the beach indoors with our shells, some paper, glue and paint.

The following project is a fun pineapple craft using shells from our bucket of shells, shell glue, craft paint, paper scraps, and wood. This project is so easy to do with the kids. Perfect to make as fun gifts or to decorate their rooms or your house with.

In addition, you can teach your kids about the real meaning of the pineapple which in some cultures means “Welcome” or “Family”, especially when placed on your front door.

Pineapple Shell Project (1)

So lets get started and see how you can create this project that Lisa Kettell Designs created…


Hygloss Bucket O-Shells

Crafts Papers,  (any variety), Hygloss Products

Scrap Piece of Wood, or WoodCraft Plague


Craft Paints


  1. Place a piece of wood onto a sheet of craft paper. Trace the wood shape onto the paper using a pencil. Cut the shape out.     wood shape
  2. Using glue, adhere the paper onto the wood, let dry.
  3. Draw a pineapple shape onto the paper. Usually a large oval shape for the base and fern shapes for the top. This is a guide for laying down the shells.                                                                         IMG_4093
  4. Start arranging the shells into the drawn pineapple shape. Once satisfied with the shell arrangement, glue in place. I used small shells for the pineapple base and large long shells for the ferns.                                                                                                                IMG_4092
  5. Once the glue dries, start painting it with craft paints. Yellow or light lime for the base and teal or dark green for the ferns.
  6. Add some lettering or sayings.

Pineapple Shell Project (2)

So easy to feel the tropics inside and get into the summer groove.

Stay tuned for more fun projects this week!

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