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Multicultural People Shape Cut-Outs

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These culturally diverse People Shapes are good for educational projects, teaching aides and bulletin boards. Available in paper and card stock, they are sturdy enough to accept a variety of mediums.

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These Multicultural People Shape Cut-Outs can be used in a multitude of ways to teach kids about their own identity while exploring their creativity. They come in 6 culturally diverse colors that range from cream to dark brown, each representing a skin tone to suit many projects. (The 2″ size contains 5 assorted colors.)  Kids can decorate these people shapes as their favorite character, a historical figure, specific job role for career day, family tree project, self-portrait and more.

These pre-cut People Shapes save time for teachers and parents. They are great for educational projects, teaching aids and to display on bulletin boards at home or school. These high quality Multicultural People Shape Cut-Outs are available in 2 versions: 65 lb. cardstock or 60 lb. paper. Decorate them with a variety of materials like markers, beads, sequins, fabric and more.

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