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 Airplane Themed Party

Buckle up and get ready to take flight… try this awesome airplane themed party! Your imagination is the limit, but we’ll help you out with some favorite ideas:

  • Create or purchase cookies to go with the theme. We decorated cookies with a sky background and a picture of an airplane or a number on each one. We also made chocolate molds in the shape of propellers.
  • Blow up light blue and white balloons and place in clusters around the room, to resemble a cloudy sky.
  • Spruce up you table with props such as suitcases, miniature airplanes, etc.
  • Provide airline meals! Place refreshments in individual Styrofoam trays or containers and place by each setting.
  • Give out HYGLOSS PASSPORT BOOKS as party favors or use for a party activity. Young guests at your party will love to receive their own imitation passport. They can all write a personal message in the birthday child’s book as well as each other’s.

Classroom Activity

Teachers and home-school parents have found the Blank Passports to be extremely useful in a variety of ways:

  • Research various places on the map and record the information on the pages of this book. For younger grades, it is helpful to print out a template with questions or topics to write about, and have children cut and paste into their passports. Older children will be able to summarize what they learn and write it on the pages by themselves. You can have each student or pair of students research a different place and then present their findings to the class, or the entire class can do a project on the same place.
  • Use as a review for a history/ geography lesson. Have children sum up the main points of each lesson in the chapter by writing or drawing about it on a separate page.
  • Creative writing will take on a new level of fun when done in this neat little passport book. Have students create imaginary travel diaries, stories about traveling to faraway places, or stories that took place on airplanes, just to name a few!

Travel Companion

Taking a road trip or family vacation? Don’t forget to pack along some handy little Hygloss Passport Books. Children and adults will enjoy recording their travels, adventures, highlights and landmarks.

You can even turn this into a mini scrapbook by pasting in various memorabilia from your trip, such as tickets to attractions, photos, cut-out pictures from brochures, etc.

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