Hygloss has been inspiring young minds for over 70 years!

Started in 1950 by Mrs. Sarah Neurath and her sister-in-law Mrs. Rose Engelsrath, Hygloss was formed as a specialty paper supplier for education supply stores. In 1983, Sarah’s son, Moshe Neurath, came to work for the company. Since that time, Hygloss Products, Inc. has grown to what it is today. With over 2,000 products and counting, spanning several markets, including specialty paper, and classroom, office, and arts & crafts supplies, Hygloss is committed to providing the highest quality materials for creative education.

From the corporate office and factory in Wallington, New Jersey, Hygloss partners with retailers and consumers worldwide. Hygloss products can be found in all 50 states, as well as school supply and arts & crafts stores around the world.

Hygloss sells all of their products with a satisfaction money back guarantee. Courteous and helpful customer service is all part of the company’s commitment to quality. We take our role seriously – that’s why Hygloss is dedicated to making each purchase simple and efficient.
Please contact us at the information provided with any questions regarding bulk orders or any additional specialty items that we may carry.
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