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Hygloss carries an array of  Craft Foam products in various shapes and sizes, perfect for foam shapes craft ideas. Check out our entire collection and have fun crafting!

1. Fall Pumpkins 

Fall Pumpkins 

A lovely fall centrepiece that can be shown from late September until after Thanksgiving. A truly remarkable project. So simple to make when following the tutorial given at the website Women

2. Americana Buttons and Stars Garland

Show the red, white and blue garland on every one of the patriotic occasions. An excellent combination of stars and buttons. The instructions for making this garland are found at Buttons Galore and More.  Get pre-cut Foam Stars here!

3. Flower Ball Pomander 

Flower Ball Pomander 

While decorating for a bridal or baby shower, or a wedding gathering, consider making blossom balls to hang or make into topiaries for table centrepieces. Go to the PIZZAZZERIE site to discover the headings for making the blossom ball pomanders. Check out our Craft Foam Balls for a wide array of sizes.

4. Santa Helpers 

These adorable little Santa Helpers will be the main point of attention since they are so appealing, and you can say you made them yourself. The tutorial for making these little mythical people is found at factory direct crafts. We carry Craft Foam Cones and Felt to help you complete this project!

5. Caterpillar 


This little caterpillar gets its brilliant shading from the long sock you decide to take him with. The selections of prints and plans are various, so every little caterpillar that you cause will be unique. You’ll find all the info you’ll need to make this project at the Parents site. It’s in the slideshow.  Explore Hygloss‘ selection of premium quality Craft Foam Balls and Wiggle Eyes.

6. Yarn-Wrapped Carrots 

I love the vibes of these yarn-wrapped carrots. What a charming Easter adorning thought. Check out the tutorial for making the carrots, go to Positively Splendid

7. 3-D Spring Sign 

3-D Spring Sign

Are you eagerly hanging tight for Spring? You’ll cherish making and showing this sign on your mantle or rack. Check the headings at The Idea Room to perceive how simple this task is. 

8. Dragon Egg 

If you love Game of Thrones, you’ll love making your own mythical dragon eggs to show. You can without much of a stretch do that by going to Our Peaceful Planet for the instructions. Even though I know nothing about Game of Thrones,  I do think these mythical dragon eggs are awesome. 

9. Which Glue to Utilize 

Which Glue to Utilize 

Realize which glue is best for sticking Foam to another piece of Foam, or for sticking to different surfaces, by going to the wikiHow site for the info. Save time and dissatisfaction by realizing which paste to use, prior to beginning the task. 

10. Snowball Fight in a Bucket 

I don’t have a clue how great a thought it is to have snowballs, prepared for terminating, inside the house. Obviously, the children will adore these snowballs and will make some incredible memories with them. What’s more, kids come on the whole ages! Make a bucket of snowballs by going to The Moon and Me for the guidelines. 

11. Glad Haircut Harry 

I figure this would be a charming birthday celebration movement for the children. I’d have the Craft Foam shapes stuck together beforehand, and simply have the children do the finishing. Have yarn, catches, lollypops, and so on prepared to use for the comedian. You’ll discover the guidelines to make this overly adorable comedian at What Happens at Grandma’s

12. Blossoms and Butterfly 

Blossoms and Butterfly

For a brilliant and beautiful expansion while embellishing a kid’s or child’s room or for Spring table style, consider this bloom and butterfly project. PLAID has every one of the directions for making this specialty. 

13. Snowman Trio 

To make these adorable snowman ornaments, notice that you’ll utilize Aleene’s Actual Day off Glue Snow to give them a finished look. You’ll discover the directions and rundown of provisions required when you go to the CraftElf site. 

14. Designer Snowballs 

Designer Snowballs 

You can utilize Craft Foam balls or the old satin covered craft foam balls to make these excellent chenille-covered creator snowballs. The straightforward guidelines are found at MITZI’S Miscellany.

15. Fabulous Felt Owls 

The hardest piece of making these astonishing felt owls is choosing which colors of felt you need to utilize. You can make owls for any season or any event you pick just by the colors you use. Go to factory direct crafts to locate the basic and simple guidelines. 

16. Mice, Mice, Mice 

Mice, Mice, Mice 

Children will adore making these. Discover the headings for making mice for your home at Parents. Sweep the slideshow to learn more about this task. 

17. Basic Snowman 

Sometimes the most straightforward and least difficult projects are the absolute best. To make the basic snowman, go to It’s a Mother Thing for the tutorial. 

18. Faux Pallet Wall Art

Faux Pallet Wall Art

It’s stunning how pieces of Craft Foam sheet can be made to look such a lot of like genuine wood bed boards. You’ll locate an extraordinary envisioned, bit by bit instructional exercise for making this wall art at Debbie Doos

19. Fake Steel Letters 

Guys will value these fake steel letters, as will the ladies that don’t care for bunches of ornamentations and shading. These letters would be a decent decorator contact for a school apartment or a person’s birthday celebration. When you go to the ONE MONTH TO Win IT site, you discover the bearings for making the false steel letters. 

20. Ruffled Tree Wall Art 

Ruffled Tree Wall Art 

When you visit the Clean and Scentsible site for the instructional exercise to make this tree wall art, you’ll perceive how white felt circles are utilized for the trees. That and the burlap utilized in this wall craftsmanship give it a pitiful stylish appearance. 

21. Tombstones 

Your yard will be the discussion of the locals when you make these tombstones and transform your grass into a cemetery this Halloween. A decent Craft Foam craft project with a guideline at ALL FREE Crafts

22. Paper and Ribbon Eggs 

Paper and Ribbon Eggs 

A combination of wonderful scrapbook papers and thin strips and afterward ribbons on Craft Foam egg shapes, and take a look at the result. Phenomenal! Go to MOD PODGE ROCKS and you’ll discover the guidelines for making these amazing eggs.

23. Christmas Tree Ornaments 

I could go for a Christmas tree filled with these little tree-formed decorations. Yarns and sequins make up a piece of the guidelines at Craft Passion. Some different increments may incorporate rhinestones, catches, shells, and so on.

24. Rustic Stylish Snowballs 

Rustic Stylish Snowballs 

Envision a colossal glass bowl loaded up with these snowballs. A rich search for your Christmas stylistic theme. These snowballs look so genuine that they seem as though they could soften. Susie Harris is the spot to go to locate the instructional exercise for this specialty project. 

25. CD Saturn 

You need an old Disc to make this Saturn planet. It is amusing to make a solar system and include this Saturn planet, for a homeroom project. Discover the guidelines for making this CD Saturn at Our Peaceful Planet.

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