Wiggle Eyes

Googly eyes make many crafts projects come alive with their silly and cute appearance. Wiggly craft eyes are perfect for decorating sock puppets, farm animals, clowns and more.

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Wiggle Eyes allow you to animate the most simple craft projects, bringing your imagination and creativity to life!


  • 100 or 500 in Resealable Bag
  • Sizes: 7 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm
  • Black and assorted colors

A plain old cotton ball is suddenly a somebody or something with the simple addition of googly eyes. Wiggle eyes are fun and zany and indispensable arts and crafts supplies. Here are a few super easy googly eyes projects that you can do with your kids. Make loveable animal crafts using large pompoms as the body, googly eyes and some fun extras. You can add curly hair tufts, felt tongue or hat, or a toothpick nose, Use pipe cleaners to make arms, legs, trunks, and other long appendages. Smaller pom poms can be used to make tails, ears, noses, and small details.

Add wiggle eyes to a notebook or diary cover. Then draw a smile or funny face and you can have a friend smile at you each time you open and close your book. Popsicle stick pals are easy with googly eyes, as are paper and cloth dolls, foam animal and people shapes and gingerbread men. All of our family, animal and people cut outs will benefit from googly eyes additions. Let kids use their imaginations with these crazy crafters, as well. Some children will make strange aliens that have four or five or six wiggle eyes watching you, and others will come up with unusual plants that have eyes that follow people who are walking through their jungle.

Googly eyes come in self-adhesive or paste on options. Paste on googly eyes are available in packages of 100 or 500 pieces, both come in convenient resealable packages. Paste on wiggle eyes come in seven, ten, twelve and fifteen mm sizing and are available in black or assorted colors. Self-adhesive wiggle eyes make crafting even easier, without the mess or hassle of glue. These time-savers come in black or color assortments and packages are available in quantities of 24 twenty mm, 28 18 mm, 46 fifteen mm, 52 twelve mm, 56 ten mm, and economy pack 96 seven mm pieces.

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