T-Shirt & Pants Shape

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T-Shirt & Pants Shapes are made of acid free, text-weight Mighty Brights paper in a variety of colors. Choose from a package of 25 pants, 25 shirts, 25 white 16″ people shapes & 25 shirts, or 25 white 16″ people shapes, 25 shirts & 25 pants.

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Paper dolls are a favorite kids craft. With theseT-Shirt and Pants Paper Shapes, kids can add flair to their paper people by decorating their clothing any way they like. They can write their names, decorate it as a team jersey with team colors and logo, and add their favorite player’s number. They can also add stickers, sequins, glitter, buttons and bows for extra pizzazz. Have your students look in the mirror and then use the people paper cutouts to make a self-portrait craft, using the right hair and eye colors and even down to the outfit they’re wearing.


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