Craft Foam Cones

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The perfect addition to your arts and crafts supplies, these high quality, Hygloss Craft Foam cones are consistently shaped, strong and durable. Lightweight yet still dense to meet your sculpting, designing, modeling, and carving demands.

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Craft Foam Cones are a perfect starting point for many fun and beautiful projects. Use as a base for floral arrangements or craft centerpieces. Excellent for science projects, dioramas or holiday decorations. Easy-to-work with styro cones allow you to model and create different shapes for a truly unique masterpiece. They can be colored, pinned, painted, glued, cut and are compatible with other art materials. They are made from XPS polystyrene known for being light, buoyant and recyclable. Hygoss Craft Foam Cones are completely blank and are not labeled or stamped, the perfect canvas for any craft work.
You can now choose from 3 popular sizes: 4 inches, 6 inches or 12 inches tall.


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