When embarking on an arts and crafts project, preparation is really important. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a jumble of craft supplies and then realizing that you bought the wrong paper for the job that needs to be done! We sell many different kinds of paper, if you’re just starting your arts and crafts journey or your looking for teacher school supplies, you may be confused about which craft paper to purchase for your purposes. Craft paper is one of the most basic and widely used items for projects, so let’s dive into which paper is useful for what for kids.

Bright Sheets

Made out of sturdy materials that can take a beating, these bright sheets of paper are the perfect all-rounder item to purchase for your classroom. You can purchase the sheets in bulk and they’ll always have a use in your classroom due to how versatile they are.

They boast a wide variety of colors that are sure to appeal to young children and adults alike. Whatever your favorite color is, chance are we’ve got it in stock. You can purchase these sheets in various sizes so no matter what your needs are we’re sure to have something for you.

Paint Paper/Velour Paper

Breaking out the watercolor paints is exciting for students as they offer the novelty of using a paintbrush—which is something far less used than markers and crayons. However ordinary paper or construction paper will not suffice for mediums such as paint.

For that, you need paint paper which is specially formulated to absorb different types of paint such as finger paints, watercolors, oils and caseins. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Are you looking for something that is versatile and more premium? Then velour paper is for you!

Velour paper is a type of paper that is exceptional at taking in a variety of mediums on its velvety surface. It’s not just limited to paints, velour is useful because it can also take chalk and pastels. This is an advantage as it can be an exhausting prospect for teachers to manage thirty-something kids that are goofing off with paint. Keeping the classroom neat and avoiding paint splatter and mess is usually why teachers use paint the least.

Chalk and pastels on the other hand still provide novelty for kids and teachers and they often boast extremely bright and pleasing colors not typically seen in crayons or markers.

Glossy Paper

Lastly, we have glossy paper. Unlike other types of paper, glossy paper is used for the material itself. It is useful in creating entire shapes or adding a glossy effect to projects. This is a really fun paper to use for creating origami shapes or for cutting and pasting onto other projects for the effect. For this reason, it’s available in both paperweight and poster board style which is a heftier version.

Corrugated Craft Paper

This one made our list of top 3 most useful craft papers for a reason. Corrugated paper is the go-to paper for projects that require a highly sturdy and rigid paper to either accentuate an object for texture or to help prop objects up using its strength!

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is something you never knew you needed until you see it used to great effect. It’s a very thin and colorful type of craft paper that allows you to add a frilly look and texture to your projects. Tissue paper that is folded and glued properly can make all sorts of shapes to make things like flowers that are difficult to make with other paper types.

Buy Craft Paper Online

While there are many more types of craft paper we sell, these items are continually some of our most popular types of paper we sell, as well as the ones most useful in the majority of situations. For that reason, they’re a great value and will never sit in a storage space somewhere unused!

At Hygloss Products, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality arts and crafts materials for kids and teacher school supplies for adults to enjoy. If you have any questions or concerns about our products or your order, please contact us or give us a call at (973)-458-1700!