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Start turning the gears of your imagination and see what you can do with Hygloss Craft Foam Sheets! An excellent medium which art teachers, art enthusiasts, kids and parents will surely love. These Foam Sheets measure 2 mm in thickness, which is thicker than other brands, yet it is extremely lightweight, sturdy, soft and pliable. The large size of the sheets provides ample space for many projects, and can easily be cut to size. Versatile Foam Sheets are useful for home-use, school, office and more!





Have you heard kids complain that their freeze pop is too cold to hold? These adorable, handy freeze pop holders are fun to make and can be adapted for different ages. They can also be used as sidewalk-chalk holders. The best part- they are washable and reusable!


You will need:

·         Hygloss Foam Sheets

·         Hygloss Yarn

·         Tape (such as Scotch tape)

·         Small hole puncher




1.      Cut 2 identical rectangles, each measuring approx. 3” x 5”

2.      Placing one on top of the other, punch small holes through both layers, along the 2 long sides and one short side.

3.      Cut a generous piece of yarn and reinforce one end by wrapping a piece of tape tightly around it.

4.      “Sew” the 2 pieces of foam together with the yarn, using the stiff taped end to go through the holes

5.      Teach children to either stich in and out of the holes in a straight line, or to create a spiral stitch by bringing the yarn around the foam to the back, and then back to the front.

6.      Decorate and embellish your masterpiece as desired!



*        Staple the 3 sides instead of sewing

*        Use needle and yarn instead of hole punching

*        Secure edges of foam with washi tape or colored masking tape




For DIY bath time activity that’s engaging and educational, as well as easy and economical, please read on! Hygloss Craft Foam Sheets will stick to the wall of the tub when wet. Kids can choose to cut out shapes that excite them, or create strips and geometric shapes so they can design their own pictures on the wall! Boost your child’s literacy and math skills by cutting out Letters and Numbers too.


You will need:

·         Hygloss Foam Sheets

·         Good quality Scissors



1.      Cut foam to desired shapes

2.      Place shapes in the bath water, then stick them onto the wall or tiles!



Use on a glass window or door. Fill up a bucket with water so kids can dip the foam pieces in, or use a spray bottle to create a wet mist on the glass.



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