Make-Your-Own Telescope Kit

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Let children explore the world around them with this easy to assemble, fun to decorate, Make-Your-Own Telescope Kit!

  • Each telescope measures 10″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ when assembled
  • Made from sturdy corrugated cardstock with smooth white surface
  • Includes one sheet of 80 colorful circle stickers for each telescope

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This Make-Your-Own Telescope Kit provides a winning combination of education and stimulating fun. Children can assemble their own working telescopes, using the easy-to-follow instructions provided. The telescope is fun to decorate with the colorful stickers included in the kit, as well as any other craft supplies you have in your closet! Encourage creative young minds to embellish their telescope with crayons, markers, sequins and more. The telescope is made from sturdy corrugated cardboard with a smooth white surface. It is the perfect way to add dimension and hands-on learning to your lesson plans on light, mirrors, the solar system and more. Hygloss Make-Your-Own Telescope Kit is the ideal STEM craft kit for both home and classroom settings.


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