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With regards to trends in design, crafting and decor, we like to watch out for what’s going on, what’s famous, and what’s going in and out of style. It’ll come as no surprise, then, that we’re totally obsessed with holographic things! Truth be told, we love holographic surfaces and pictures such a lot that we’ll fundamentally wear, purchase, or make any holographic thing we can discover whatsoever. As you can presumably figure out by our continuous love of Do-It-Yourself and crafting, in any case, the alternative to make holographic things ourselves is totally our top choice on the list.

Simply if you love holographic things as we do, here’s a top-notch of 15 amazing holographic Do-It-Yourself projects that we can hardly wait to start.

Before you start, here is a list of some materials and tools you will need to use for the crafts below:

  1. Holographic Chain Strips
  2. Holographic Sparkle Strips, Self-Adhesive
  3. Self-Adhesive Holographic Paper 8.5 x 11″
  4. Holographic Card Stock, 8.5 x 11 Inch
  5. Sparkle Spots Sticker Strips
  6. 6″ Red Holographic Hearts
  7. 6″ Holographic Silver Stars in Assorted Design
  8. Holographic Poster Board, 20 x 26 Inch
  9. Holographic Paper Rolls
  10. Holographic Stickers

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1. Do-It-Yourself holographic vase

holographic vase

Do you love holographic effects such a lot that you’re really keen on fusing them into your home’s decoration style? All things considered, if you could see some of the pieces we have in our own homes at the present time, you’d comprehend why we wholeheartedly uphold that stylish choice. That is the reason we were so glad to find out about this magnificent holographic vase instructional guide from A Beautiful Mess! Their strategies for covering the container are very basic and you could utilize a holographic paper of an alternate tint, similar to blue or purple as opposed to a pink base.

2. Holographic tile coasters

holographic tiles https://hyglossproducts.com

Is it true that you are considering adding a holographic flare to your interior but you’re somehow more reserved and you’d like to keep it very simple and natural? Then maybe you’d be in an ideal situation making yourself these charming angled, half-holo coasters by Love Vividly! Utilize a similar marvellous holographic wrapping and art craft paper as above, however in more modest amounts for a more quiet sparkling impact (is such a mind-bending concept as holographic style can be classified “quiet”).

3. Do-It-Yourself holographic clock

holographic clock

Do holographic effects make you so glad that you’ve been wondering about making yourself some holographic assistants to keep around your work area to keep you cheerful while you work? We think this is a good thought, which is the reason we were so energized when we discovered this amazing holographic clock instructional guide from Studio Do-It-Yourself! They tell you the best way to upcycle a regular clock by utilizing holographic paper to give it a makeover.

4. Holographic cuff bracelet

Are your number one holographic things typically the ones made with genuine holographic material or vinyl, instead of simply a top layer of dazzling sparkling paper? Then here’s a simple craft for you to begin working with thicker holographic materials. We love how easy this bangle from Savvy n’ Great is to make despite the fact that it’s so magnificent and eye-catching.

5. Do-It-Yourself Holographic Slime

Holographic slime

Slimes are all the rage right now! There’s something about their texture that feels so calming. They are perfect for those days when we feel just a bit irritated! There is an abundance of slime recipes out there, but the one from Dream a Little Bigger is the only one you truly need!

6. Holographic Decorative Pineapple Fruit

Are you still considering holographic style but yet you’d prefer to make yourself something more kitschy, interesting, funny and novel than the clocks and vases we’ve just shown you? Then you’d be keen on projects like this holographic painted decorative pineapple fruit! Karen Kavett shows you what to do (and furthermore what not to do) to get it going with holographic paint.

7. Handcrafted Holographic Boots

Homemade holographic boots https://hyglossproducts.com

Do you love the shine that holographic paper gives off as much as you wish you could wear it? All things considered, you will be exceptionally satisfied with this great instructional guide on how to do holographic boots from Brit + Co.! They tell you the best way to utilize decoupage-like procedures to attach portions of paper across the outside of a couple of boots that have a color you’d prefer to use as the base tone underneath your shine.

8. Do-It-Yourself holographic laptop case

Laptop/PC stickers are amazing. They come in altogether sorts of colors and finishes, however, we don’t regularly see pre-made holographic stickers that are just about as large or glossy as we truly need them to be. We are very excited that we discovered this magnificent holographic laptop case tutorial on Lucykiins! They tell you the best way to make a laptop skin from beautifully designed holographic paper.

9. Do-It-Yourself holographic necktie

diy holographic tie https://hyglossproducts.com

Is it true that you are completely fascinated with the possibility of holographic fashion yet you’d preferably decide in favor of mirrored holographic over the shiny pink kind we showed you with the shoes? All things considered, maybe upcycling some old Albums and DVDs would be a better choice for you! We love the manner in which Kade Strunk made a holographic-looking “crushed glass” impact tie by sticking cut-up bits of the plates’ intelligent sides to a plain dark necktie.

10. Holographic nail polish case

Do you have extra holographic bits of the disc from making yourself the tie we showed you above, and you’re attempting to find out some way to use them? Then we’d propose making something like this amazingly decorated nail polish stand from My Artworks! You could utilize this equivalent strategy to make pretty much any of your storage things as shiny as you like them.

12. Homemade holographic phone case

Holographic phone case Hyglossproducts.com

We know what you’re thinking: another phone case? YES, you already have so many of them (don’t we all?), but once you make this particular one you’ll likely stay committed to it for a very long time! Spy the shining holographic phone case at Lena Marie!

13. Holographic Chair 

Holographic chair https://hyglossproducts.com

If you are the diva of all divas and you know your home deserves to have some iridescent charm, Paper & Stitch will teach you how to make the most unique chair you’ve ever seen! Make just one if you want it to be extra special or make more of them for the most epic dining quarters – the choice is yours!

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