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Are you a stitching master or an all-round crafter? No matter what, you might be one of the numerous who have a major collection of buttons stashed away. It is unlikely that you’ll use them all on fixing buttonless shirts, so maybe it’s an ideal opportunity to consider some fresh possibilities a bit. These charming and shrewd button projects will give you some phenomenal inspiration concerning effectively utilizing your collection in non-traditional ways.

1. Button Bowl

Hygloss Crafts

This adorable and offbeat button bowl is the ideal method to store your small bits like jewelry or keys. It utilizes a similar technique as the cotton thread balls where you utilize an inflatable to make the shape you need, much like a mold, which is then popped and disposed of once everything is set and dried. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DIYnCrafts

2. Quick Bookmarks

All that you make doesn’t always have to be amazing or convoluted; you can make something as basic as a button bookmark with a paperclip that you realize will be effectively utilized. It’s a speedy and simple specialty that can truly help your school-going children. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – IHeartNaptime

3. Simple Wall Art

Hygloss Crafts

I simply love this fleur-de-lis symbol, despite the fact that obviously, you can go with any picture or monogram as long as it’s not very detailed or finicky. The best part about this task is that you don’t need to sew the buttons – you can cheat and simply stick them on! 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Makely

4. Oh Christmas Tree

If you have a decent scope of sizes among all your forgotten buttons, then you might have the option to make yourself a couple of these enchanting Christmas tree decorations. If you need more greens, however, you can either splash paint them or just grasp the non-tradition colors. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – ModernMinerals

5. Beautified Button Shoes

Hygloss Crafts

Regardless of whether you need to vamp up an old pair of shoes, or you found a plain pair on sale for next to nothing, a truly charming approach to do so is to add buttons. You’ll need to take the more drawn out sewing course with these; while considering all the movement of your feet in your shoes, the buttons may simply pop off if you utilize hot glue to append them. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – StarsForStreetlightsILoveToCreate and Scrapbook&CardsToday

6. Fridge Magnets

Alright, so here’s a truly quite simple specialty that is so easy, yet individuals don’t think about it – button fridge magnets! It truly is as simple as it sounds: stick magnets onto the buttons and you’re all set! It adds a fun and lively component of whimsy to your kitchen. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BigBoxDetox

7. Necklaces

Hygloss Crafts

There are endless thoughts and ways that you can make some truly beautiful and fascinating necklaces. Going from easy to complicated to chunky, so I’ve discovered a handful for you to gloss over and get some motivation for your own creation. Or on the other hand, you could simply make them all! 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – YellowBlackbirdOhoh, TheDrewFamily and LittleMissMomma

8. Bracelets

Similarly, as with the necklaces, your button bracelet making prospects are apparently endless. There are endless procedures that you can utilize, so indeed, let your own creative mind and imagination go out of control and see what you can make with the sorts of buttons that you have. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – OhDearAngieResinObsessionHopeStudios and HomesteadRevival

9. Leather Cuff

Hygloss Crafts

I love everything bohemian, so this leather button Cuff is definitely fit for my strengths. On the off chance that you can get the blank leather cuff with all the hardware on it then you’re now most of the way there, else you’ll simply need to join those yourself. This could make a truly intriguing belt idea, as well! 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LilBlueBoo


Making a truly charming button headband is simple. The hardest part is choosing which buttons to utilize and how to arrange them – you can cover the whole bit of fabric, or you could simply make a little accent part on the side. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – TheRibbonRetreat

11. Flower Bouquet

Hygloss Crafts

These felt and button flowers are really cute, and they’re such a great amount of fun to make, as well! You could get your little ones associated with the project so they can gladly show them in their rooms, or even offer them to their teachers as gifts. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – AmericanCrafts

12. Garland

This Christmassy garland is a genuine snap to make if you can do a basic chain stitch. I love the holiday-themed colors that can transform your home into a real festive place, obviously, you can simply pick any colors for totally any season. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BlogALaCart

13. Buttoned-Up Handbag

Hygloss Crafts

If you have the patience to cover a whole handbag with buttons, then you genuinely deserve to have something this dazzling! Indeed, this is a great job, however, if you don’t think you’ll own it, at that point maybe you could utilize a similar strategy on a smaller clutch. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Craftster:Pixeldust

14. Resin Paperweight/Coaster

Resin is really phenomenal that you can cast pretty much anything in there – buttons included! These make truly charming paperweights or coasters, and finding the correct form can be as simple as utilizing a cup or even a container top. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LilBlueBoo

15. Woven Coaster

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If you’re not a major devotee of the bulky resin coasters then you can try this woven instead. What’s more, this isn’t simply restricted to coasters, you could make some beautiful placemats for your dining table – it’s not very troublesome, however it will take some time if you need a set. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Craftylish

16. Pillows

The addition of certain buttons, fabric, trimming, and whatever else you have among your art supplies can absolutely change a standard cushion to something special and delightful. Simply make a point to delineate your plan before you begin sewing. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – FiskarsCraft and AllYou

17. T-Shirt Upgrade

We’re used to buttons on attire, however, they, for the most part, serve as an element of shutting something down. This instructional exercise shows you how you can add buttons to a customary t-shirt for the sole purpose of decorating or embellishing; doesn’t it look perfect? 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – iCandyHandmade

18. Embroidery Button Clock

Hygloss Crafts

If the hours seem to fly by when you end up heading into your craft room, then maybe it’s time you make yourself a clock to go in there, and what could be more fitting than a fancywork hoop and button clock? Perhaps this isn’t exactly as you would prefer, however, check out our other DIY clocks. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – OccasionallyCrafty

19. Gift Wrapping

With regards to my dear loved ones, I lean toward actualizing some fascinating and remarkable gift wrapping procedures rather than simply utilizing standard wrapping paper. This easy little button detail is so adorable and it just gives it that little uncommon touch. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftAndCreativity

20. Button Tree Art

Hygloss Crafts

This is quite an adorable idea – rather than painting leaves on a tree, you can simply glue on some buttons! This is likewise enjoyable to do with the children, since you can paint the trunk and branches, and afterward let the little ones choose where they need to put their buttons. 

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftsByAmanda

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