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There’s for sure, cork is hot at this moment. Regardless of whether you’re working with real wine corks or a sheet of corkboard. – There are numerous inventive things you can make. Continue to look at 20 of our Do-It-Yourself projects that utilize cork as the fundamental material. What’s more, don’t stress, you can buy cork in our store in case you’re not a wine consumer! 

1. Cork Monogram Pinboard 

Cork monogram

This cork pinboard is looking like a letter, making it the ideal last little detail for any office or command center. You’ll require a cork sheet, some wood, and some cord in a brilliant tone… and you’ll be well headed to making one of these overly in vogue monograms pinboards by Look What I Made.

2. Cork Stool IKEA Hack 

Make yourself a stylish set of stools utilizing two or three economical IKEA stools and some round pieces of cork. It won’t take long to finish, and they are essentially joined utilizing a heavy-duty adhesive. Make your way over toAnna Maria’s blog to discover how to make one yourself. 

3. Geometric Cork Coasters 

Geometric Cork Coasters 

These geometric painted coasters are so basic yet so phenomenal! Simply get some paint and a ruler and you’ll be well headed to making a set of these triangle-shrouded beauties. Head over to A Pretty Fix to discover precisely how to measure and finish this beautiful example. 

4. Wine Cork Shapes 

Rather than tossing out each one of those wine corks you use, make one of these pleasant shapes utilizing heated glue and some paint in your preferred shade. Advance over to Sustain My Craft Habit to discover all the details. What’s more, you can truly make any shape you need… the sky’s the limit!

5. Cork Planter  

Cork Planter  

This very trendy planter is produced using a container and some cork… you should simply paint the container your ideal tone and afterward join the cork sheet around the outside. Head over to Meet The B’s to discover how to do it. It’s so ideal for succulents or some other little plant. 

6. Air Plant Display Board 

Here we have a display board for an air plant made out of a piece of corkboard. All you’ll require is paint and a round piece of cork… this one is a cork coaster from a thrift store. Furthermore, obviously, you’ll require tillandsia (otherwise known as an air plant). Get all the insights concerning the project right here

7. Cork Seating Chart 

Cork Seating Chart 

Here’s a beautiful method to help individuals find someplace to sit on your next occasion… make a board utilizing a mix of wine corks and wood. At that point pin the spot cards right to the corks. Make your way over to the Minted blog to discover how to make one of these cork seating outlines yourself. 

8. Cork Mouse Pad 

If you have a PC, you most likely utilize a mouse… so why not make a classy mouse pad to go along with it? This one is quite stylish…. what’s more, quite easy to make, as well! Head over to The Things She Makes to discover how to join cork with vinyl to make an astonishing mouse pad like the one above. 

9. Cork Trivet 

Cork Trivet 

It would be a disgrace to throw out those wine corks that you’ve gathered. So why not make them into one of these exquisite trivets? You’ll secure your table in style! Advance over to Sweet Living to discover how. I would suggest utilizing E6000 glue rather than a glue gun, however, so you don’t risk it melting. 

10. Cork Pen Cups 

Give your work area a touch of additional energy with a bunch of these great cork pen cups. The portions of gold add a decent metallic touch to the cups, while the cork loans a natural feel. What’s more, you can make them any size you need. Head over to the Craft Hunter to look at the full tutorial. 

11. Cork Stamps 

Cork Stamps 

Make your own ink stamps out of old corks and specialty foam. Make any shape you like from the foam, and afterward, stick it to the lower part of a cork. Advance over to Shelley Makes to discover all the subtleties. In case you’re bad at removing shapes freehand, use the pass on cutters! 

12. Earring Storage 

If you have an enormous assortment of gems, at that point a huge piece of cork may be the ideal earring storage answer for you. It’s an incredible method to keep everything coordinated and out where you can see them. Head over to Flair to become familiar with the undertaking (use Google interpret if you don’t communicate in Dutch). 

13. Painted Wine Cork Wreath 

Painted Wine Cork Wreath 

Here’s another extraordinary method to reuse bunches of wine corks if you have a huge amount of them accumulating. All you’ll require is a glue gun, paint and (obviously) huge loads of old wine corks. Head over to Plan Obsession to discover precisely how to make your own painted wine cork wreath.

14. Hexagon Table Runner 

In all honesty, this staggering geometric decorative runner is made out of pieces of cork that are covered with a reasonable sealant to give them their one of a kind color. Hexagons are in vogue at the present time, so advance over to the Upstyler blog to discover how to make this cork table runner

15. Geometrix Bottle Stoppers 

Geometrix Bottle Stoppers 

Save your old corks and make these beautifully faceted bottle stoppers. These top areas are really made out of polymer clay and afterward stuck to the corks. Head over to the Freutcake blog to discover how to make a couple of these trendy cork bottle stoppers yourself. 

16. Cork iPad Case 

This iPad case is a classy adornment and a useful defensive extra for your tech. You’ll require a piece of cork, some splendidly hued cord, and some striped fabric (or even an old shirt!). Advance over to Crème de la Craft to look at the full photo tutorial.

17. Cork Art 

Cork Art 

OK, so you’ll require some really genuine patience to finish a task this way – indeed, those are all wine corks. Artist Scott Gundersen makes pictures out of utilized wine corks – a huge number of them. Head over to his website to get some motivation for making your own wine cork workmanship. 

18. Cork Travel Guide 

Show your movement history by mounting a map to a huge corkboard, and place pins over the entirety of the areas that you’ve visited. It will be amusing to add pins after each get-away, and it is sure to be a friendly conservation starter when your companions come over. Get the full instructional here. 

19. Floating Cork Key Ring 

Floating Cork Key Ring 

Corks make awesome keyrings since they float – that way in case you’re at the seashore or on a boat, you won’t need to stress over sinking underwater if you drop them. These are painted with pretty stripes and examples. Head over to Pysselbolaget to discover how to make a cork keychain. 

20. Cork Gift Tag 

Cork can even be utilized to make gift labels! Gift beneficiaries make certain to be wowed by this strange little tag made with a piece of cork and some white trim fabric. Advance over to The Merry Thought to discover how to make a couple of these pretty cork tags yourself.

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