3 Must Haves for Painting with Your Child at Home

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If you are a parent or guardian who cares about your child’s education—and not just their main subjects, but their ability and interest in learning in general, then you’ve undoubtedly wondered what activities you can do with your child at home.

No doubt you’ve heard of or have been affected by the current pandemic of coronavirus going around. Schools are shut down and for good reason. However, what about your child’s education? Perhaps they’re happy about not having to wake up early and go to school, but many parents are taking it upon themselves to keep their kids mentally active and stimulated—this is especially important the younger they are.

What’s the best way to keep a child’s mind engaged and curious? Arts and crafts, of course! Today we’ll be focused on painting, specifically.

1 – Sure Grip Paint Brushes

sure grip paintbrushes

Painting has always been distinctly different from using crayons or markers. While the latter are easier and require less set up, children and adults love to paint for good reason. The colors are wonderfully soft and vibrant. All you need is some paint, a canvas or special paper, and of course…a paintbrush.

These Sure-Grip Paint Brushes are sure to bring delight to young children who do not yet have the full comfort and coordination to use traditional sized paint brushes. These thicker gripped brushes will be much easier for your child to grasp comfortably so they can stroke out their masterpiece! They come in a pack of 4 or 10 depending on how many children you have or if you yourself are tempted to use them. I’m sure we can all remember using beat up old paintbrushes in class when we were young and it taking forever to clean a color out of them. You won’t have that issue here. The bristles are made of nylon and as a result are easy to clean.

2 – Hygloss Paint Paper

premium paint paper

As we alluded to earlier, when you’re painting using just any ol’ paper won’t do. Try to paint on a piece of printer paper and see what happens! Our high-quality paint paper will allow you or your child to use a variety of mediums with the peace of mind knowing that it’s all going to turn out okay.

This paper is highly resilient to mediums such as caseins, oils, watercolors, and finger paints. Watercolors and finger paints are two of the most common and enjoyable ways for young children to paint, and so this paper will provide hours of joy to children who are exploring their inner artist. Best of all, this paper can be had for an affordable price compared to many specialty stores, especially if you buy in bulk of 100 sheets. It might sound like a lot of paper, but once your child puts the brush to the canvas it’ll fly by in no time! You might even run out of refrigerator space from all the cool things they make.

3 – Paint Tray with Foam Rollers

Paint Tray with 4 Foam Rollers (3″)
Paint Tray with 4 Foam Rollers (3″)

Were you transfixed the first time you ever saw a room, or a house being painted, and the painter sponged up the paint using one of those rollers and applied it to the wall in lengthy strokes? There’s something really satisfying about that. Children often feel that way too, and before they learn to see things as chores many adult activities such as mowing the lawn seem fun.

In this case, your child can do just that with this paint tray and foam roller set. These rollers will sponge up paint so that it can be applied to your surface with ease. Where these rollers are much more fun than adult paint rollers is that they come with 4 different shapes: solid, 3-stripes, 4-stripes, and checkerboard. This allows the painter to make very fun designs that pop.

The rollers are great for making things such as borders and other designs that can make an existing project look better or simply be a work of art on their own!

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