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It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that craft paper is the backbone of all crafts projects. No matter what you’re doing, you might find yourself in need of high-quality craft paper. When most people see corrugated craft paper, they can already hear the sound of scissors tearing through it to create shapes to use to glue or tape somewhere. However, there are many, many more uses for craft paper than that. Here are 3 simple yet fun ideas to utilize in your classroom or in your home.

1 – Craft Paper Road

What is the drawback of good ol’ loose-leaf paper? It’s great to write on, but let’s be honest, it’s pitifully weak. Sheets of craft paper on the other hand are much stronger and durable. Naturally, this makes it very good all by itself. A good example of this is using our large assorted bright sheets of craft paper. These sheets come in at a whopping 23×35 inch size. As such, they are really handy for laying down on the floor.

A cool idea is that you can use these large sheets of craft paper as a canvas to draw a road onto so that children can play with trucks, dolls, or other objects on. You can even take the idea further and start gluing on 3d objects to make it really pop.

Another usage of these large sheets is being able to make a makeshift banner or other large hanging items such as a tapestry. This is great for children who are not yet old enough to do craft projects involving cloth or other more advanced items.

2 – Craft Paper Airplane

Almost everyone can remember making paper airplanes as a child. If you somehow missed out on the experience, it’s not too late to start! Many people made paper airplanes with the most available paper to them—loose leaf lined paper. However, did you know that craft paper makes an excellent plane? It’s exceptionally sturdy and still light enough to fly. The first step is to get some of the bright sheets we linked up top. There are numerous craft paper airplane guides for your desired shape—perhaps we’ll even make our own guide! But for now, pick a color you love, find a guide, and get to work!

Craft paper airplanes perfectly embody all that arts and crafts have to offer. Making something with your own two hands and when it’s finally done you have something really enjoyable and fun to show off and play with. Like most things artistic, if given a range of options you will see a huge diversity of expression in what types of planes people will choose to make. The fun is in the experimentation!

3 – Create Craft Paper Place Mats

Children love to create things that end up being used or displayed in the home. The classic idea of pinning a drawing up on the fridge is one of those ideas that ends up meaning a lot to children after they feel they have done something they’re proud of. You can also embody this spirit of praise by letting them create vibrant pictures on sturdy craft paper to use as placemats at the dinner table for a few days. We’re confident that they’ll be especially excited to custom-make them depending on if mom or dad is using them!

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