About Me Selfie

About Me Selfie

“My name is Chloe. I have wavy blond hair. I’m 8 years old.”…Here is a super fun About Me project for Back to School week using Hygloss Products. Great for teaching adjectives and building self esteem.

Teachers have your students create an illustrated selfie of themselves using a variety of craft papers, some markers, crayons, paints, stickers and sequins. Have them glue their handmade selfie to an art board using some glue.

When dried have each student write a bunch of adjectives describing their selves. Making sure they state their name and describe their hair color, favorite food, candy, and personality.

Here’s what you will need to get started:


hygloss-big-head-cut-outs26745_self-adhesive_metallic_paperglitterbucket of sequins, hyglossart_board_w_hang-ups_1self-adhesive-magnetic-coinshyg33634-gold-frame-border_web_1

Step One

Draw eyes, eye brows, nose, mouth onto the pre-cut big cut out heads from Hygloss. Color in face details with crayons, pens, markers or paints. Our students used basic acrylic craft paints to color in their faces.

About Me Selfie

Step Two

Add Hair to the handmade selfie face using strips of paper and craft glue. We used 1 inch thick strips of Hygloss metallic foil paper. The example project was created with metallic gold foil paper.

About Me Selfie

Step Three

Embellish the handmade selfie face with sequins, glitter or more paper with craft glue.

Step Four

Attach the finished handmade selfie face to one Art Board using craft glue. Frame the art board with gold frame die cut strips. Adhere with more glue, let dry.

About Me Selfie

Step Five

Have students write adjectives about themselves around their handmade selfie face. Make sure they state their name and describe their personalities.

Step Six

Hang the finished selfies around the classroom. Parents attach magnetic coins to the make of these selfies and put on the fridge or on a magnetic surface board in your home.

About Me Selfie

Hope you enjoyed our latest project. Stay tuned for more creativity, learning and fun.


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