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This July 4th, have fun with your little ones as you prepare for the holiday in the most creative ways! Explore some simple and eye-catching patriotic crafts that will get you all in the spirit of the holiday!


Try this Make-Your-Own-Flag kit from Hygloss.

Kits come with 10 or 30 flags. They include: Flag outline sheets and 1″ tissue paper squares in red white and blue.

With an easy to follow instruction sheet, group activities with your family or students will be as enjoyable as ever.

Help children improve their fine motor skills, color sorting skills and counting skills with this engaging craft project!


Teaching our nation’s heritage comes alive with age-appropriate Fourth of July activities like this one. In this Fourth of July craft, kids will have fun learning how to make pinwheels, and they’ll gain plenty of educational skills besides!

  • First choose what you want to make your pinwheel craft from: either 5″ Metallic Foil Board Squares or Paper Squares.
  • Decorate the squares of your choice, using star stickers and/ or markers. For the Metallic Foil Board, decorate both sides. For Paper Squares, decorate one side of each Square and then glue together the two undecorated sides.
  • Using a ruler as a guide, draw 2 diagonal lines with pencil, to form an “x”- connecting the opposite corners.
  • Begin cutting on the lines from each of the 4 corners, ending 1 inch before the center point. You now have 4 triangles.
  • Bring the right point of each triangle to the center point and staple them down. You may need more than one staple to hold them all in place.
  • Push the thumbtack or pin through the center of the pinwheel craft, and then into the eraser of the unsharpened pencil.

Blow your pinwheel and watch it spin!

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