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At Hygloss Products, we have a wide selection of creative products for art & education! Our wide selection of craft paper works great for all of your classroom needs; from collages to cardboard houses, there is nothing that our paper can’t do! In this blog we’ll be going over our many different types of craft paper and their uses. If you want to buy craft paper online, you’ve come to the right place!

Corrugated Craft Paper

Corrugated craft paper is great for collages

Our corrugated craft paper is strong, thick, and durable. These sheets are perfect for fashioning your very own classroom-made cardboard houses, envelopes, boxes, cut-outs, collages, and envelopes. These sheets of craft paper are thick enough to use as collage backgrounds and pads, but still flexible enough to be folded into creative and fun paper crafts. Some of our colors include green, blue, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. With this many colors, the only limit to this paper is your imagination! The sheets are the same color on both sides and are reversible, with one side corrugated and the other side smooth.


Black Craft Paper

Black craft paper is known for its versatility and high-contrast when used with white pens, white chalk, and white markers. Our black silhouette paper makes an amazing tool for detailed cutting and portrait profile tracing; it is also great for birthday parties, invitations, craft projects, and other events.

If you have some scrapbooking to do, our velour paper is self-adhesive, velvet-like, and suitable for greeting cards, collages, ornaments, greeting cards, memory albums, scrapbooks, and more! Since this velour paper is compatible with most inkjet and laser printers, it is easy to trace out your children’s favorite designs, print them out, and then adhere the finished product to any surface.  All of our black paper accepts chalks, wet media, and pastels. If you are looking for multi-colored velour paper, click here.

Gummed Paper

Our gummed paper is always a hit!

If you are looking for something to really get your children’s imaginations going, our gummed paper is just the ticket. Gummed paper is ideal for scrap-booking, collage-making, and arts & crafts time. In fact, if you buy the 25-sheet pack, our gummed paper comes with pre-cut stencils that will make all of your arts & crafts projects even more fun. It’s as easy as tracing or drawing figures from the pre-cut stencils, cutting the figures out, then licking the back of the paper & pasting the figure onto a surface!

Paper Chain Strips

Our paper chain strips are vibrant, beautiful, and colorful! They come in embossed metallic, fluorescent, holographic, metallic foil, metallic gold and silver, and stick-a-lick (gummed paper) varieties. Our paper chains are suitable for any holiday or event, whether it to be for a birthday party, during the holidays, the 4th of July, and anything in-between. If you do not wish to staple or glue the ends to make a chain, try our stick-a-lick variety; these strips are made from our very-own gummed paper.

Parchment Paper

Looking for that ancient look!?

If you are teaching American History, there is no better craft paper to recreate the Declaration of Independence than our parchment craft paper. We’ve given this paper an intentionally-weathered look to give it an ancient look and feel. This versatile crafting material can be crumbled to create rocky terrains and mountains, which is perfect for arts & crafts and science fair projects. Our parchment paper is the greatest paper to use for greetings cards, awards, creating ancient scrolls, lampshades, and more!

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At Hygloss Products, we are committed to providing you the absolute best craft paper, made of the finest materials. No arts & crafts project is off-limits when you shop at Hygloss; every classroom can benefit from our unique selection of classroom products and essentials. For a limited time, save $10 off the suggested list price on any order over $100 by using the code Hygloss10 at checkout today! If you have any questions concerning our products or an existing order, give us a call at 1-(973) 458-1700 today!

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