Colonial Peg People

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Its that time of year when the holidays come one after another. November is the month of gratitude and love. Its about remembering our past and about giving thanks. The Mayflower was among the first set of boats to bring settlers to the US. Times were hard back then. Weather, battle, food shortage, it was all tough. Making friends with the existing culture was even more difficult.

Colonial Peg People

Next week many will celebrate this time in history on Thanksgiving. A day to give back and rejoice. This following project is a super fun, easy way to introduce young ones to Thanksgiving.  Colonial Peg People is perfect way to discuss the Mayflower, Colonials and Indians. All you need are some Hygloss Craft Wood People, Paints and Gel Pens. Lets Scroll down to get started…..


  • Craft Wood People
  • Craft Paint; Flesh, White, Black, Coral, Yellow, Teal
  • Gel Pens
  • Other; Paint Brush, Cup of Water

Step One

Paint the faces of the wood people with flesh color paint, let dry. Then paint a simple colonial pattern onto one and a simple Indian pattern onto the other. (I painted the whole colonial doll base black and half the head black. For the Indian I painted the whole base coral.)

Step Two

Finish adding details to your painted wood people using gel pens. This makes creating the eyes and tiny details easier.

Once complete you could coat the painted wood people with a craft sealant, but that isn’t necessary.

These painted dolls are perfect to add to the Thanksgiving Table as seat markers, gifts or decoration. You could fill a large vase with branches, add battery lights and fill with wood people ornaments. To turn one of these into an ornament just add a piece o bakery twine to the back of the head with craft glue, let dry.

Stay tuned for more festive projects this week.

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