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If you want your kids to be more creative and learn more at an early age to develop their creative thinking skills, stickers are a very effective way to do this as they can be used in many different ways. You can create fun games with them that also develop your child’s brain.

Below we will show you some sticker crafts and activities. These sticker crafts and activities mix together learning and entertainment, and isn’t that what you are searching for?!  Kids like stickers very much.  You can get kids to do their homework for a sticker, and when they use them while playing and learning, they end up having much more fun!

Let’s start with ideas where you can use Hygloss different stickers to create lots of beautiful games and crafts.

Word Family Game

Bottle caps can be used for so many kids’ crafts and activities, and they’re also usable for literacy and math activities, too!  I’m sure that we all have a huge stash of bottle caps since our kids drink a ton of apple juice or other drinks, and we make sure to save the caps for some upcycled fun and learning. Now we will show you how to create these games using stickers.

Firstly choose the word families you want to learn. We recommend using “at”, “ub”, “eg”, “et”, “ad” “ig”, “og”, “ot” or whichever is more appropriate to your child’s interest and ability.

Then, using some round stickers to cover anything printed on your bottle cap, write over the sticker letters and word family endings you want to learn on the top of your bottle cap.

And finally set out a one-word family and a selection of letters your child can use to create a word.

Dot-To-Dot For Toddlers

Using a coloured round sticker and a marker you can create some very entertaining Dot-to-dot games for toddlers. This activity, apart from entertaining them, will also get them to work on those fine motor muscles.

Depending on your child’s focus level, you can mix this activity up a bit. Possible variations:

  1. Use 2 or more colored stickers and have your child connect stickers of the same color or alternating colors.
  2. Write letters or numbers on the stickers. Stickers can be connected in different sequences (1-2-3) or matching (1-1, 2-2, etc).

Flip Flop Puppets 

Flip Flop Puppets are a simple craft to make and can be used to create your own stories or re-enact some of your favourite characters.

Set up a creation station with glue, flip flops, and any of your stickers and start creating! We made sure we had plenty of Good Behavior Stickers for our Flip Flop Monsters. You can also practice your scissors skills by snipping pieces of yarn. We can use the snipped yarn and tied knots around the flip flops to make crazy puppet hair. You can also use our many varieties of stickers to create other Flip Flop crafts.

Sticker Spelling

We love using round colored stickers around here and they happen to be great fun for children. So, we used them to create a unique game on their weekly spelling list.  This could be also used for letter matching, sight words, name practice, etc.

To create this activity I wrote a spelling word on a group of round coloured stickers while mixing up the letters.  YOUR CHILD’S JOB IS TO UNSCRAMBLE THE ROUND COLORED STICKERS TO MAKE A WORD FROM HIS/HER SPELLING LIST. Your child should pick out a scrambled spelling word and be able to find out the word on his own.

Another way to do this game is to give your child a “fill-in-the-blank” sentence, and see if your child can find the word.

Secrets For A Sticker

This game is a great way to create healthy communication with your child while creating many beautiful crafts during your conversation using round colored stickers. Let me show you how it works.

I give them some round coloured stickers and tell them that for each sticker they stick on the board they need to tell me one thing that happened during the day.

It’s great to start a conversation with your child to see how things are going at home, at school, and in general.  Sometimes you can give a more specific request … for example for each pink sticker they should tell you a time they felt angry, for every yellow sticker a time they were happy, and for every green sticker a time they were sad.

You could also do this as an activity in family … or with individual children.  It could also be used for group therapy.  Any size paper could be used for the activity and any colour of round stickers.  It is a very adaptable and inexpensive project for children of any age.

Make Your Own Alphabet Flashcards

We decided that using our Farm Animals Stickers, Dinosaurs Stickers and Wild Animal Stickers we can create The Animal Alphabet Cards that take little to no time to make. You just need some index cards, the stickers that we mentioned at the beginning and some alphabet letters stickers.

Another advantage of using animals is being able to make questions about what colours the animals are, what noises they make and also pretending to be the animals.

We stuck the felt ABC stickers on one side of the index cards and on the other side we stick the different animal stickers and wrote the animal name.  It is so easy and so simple to do and your children will love them!

Sticker Drawings

A simple collection of colored stickers arranged in a thoughtful manner as an activity for children to play and create. They take just moments to set up and encourage children to explore and make art.

You can just place a sketchbook open on the table with some coloured stickers and some coloured pencils. Randomly stuck three of the stickers on a page to start the game and that’s it.

These are just some of the games and activities you can do with stickers. There are many, many more that you can do with your children to develop their imagination. Stickers are a must for your kid’s development.

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