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easter bunny seashell ornament

Here’s a super fun project to do with the kids this Spring Season: Easter Bunny Shell Ornament Craft. These ornaments are perfect for the Easter table or basket. Made with Hygloss shells, Hygloss papers, pom poms, trims, clay, and sharpie pen.



  1. Paint or dye the shells, let dry. Alternatively, use our colored seashells.
  2. Paint a foam or wooden ball. Glue to the top of the shell.
  3. Draw a face onto the foam ball using paint markers or Sharpie permanent markers.
  4. Next, glue the oval paper shapes to the top of the foam balls, to create the bunny ears.
  5. Now add the pom poms to each side of the foam head, and glue in place.
  6. Finally, embellish the shells with trims and ribbons, bakery twine, and additional shells.

You can also roll clay into ball shapes for the bunny heads like the original project used or add wooden balls instead. So many possibilities for this Easter Bunny Shell Ornament Craft. Just use some imagination!

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