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Getting kids excited to go to school or go back to school can be tough. With an unlimited amount of free time and fun during Summer and Winter breaks, reestablishing a solid school routine and love for learning can be tough. School should be an activity that children get excited about; however, this is not always the case. It’s time to sharpen those pencils and get back to it! In this article, we’ll discuss a few simple techniques about getting kids excited to go back to school.

Socialize in School

School is ultimately how young children learn how to socialize and interact with other children. During this developmental phase, school can be a great place to foster healthy friendships and social interactions. Remind your child that there are many friends to be made, many experiences to be had, and new people to meet! If your child begins to complain about homework or other unsavory aspects of school, remind them of the positive aspects of their schooling, such as the possibility of new friendships and school buddies.

Cool New School Supplies

Whether it is the first day of school or mid-way through the semester, some new “bling” can help a child feel more motivated to go to school. Whether it is a brand new backpack, some dazzlin’ dough that they can share with fellow classmates, new pens and pencils, or some new clothes to show off, this is another great tool to use in your “get excited for school!” arsenal.

Spice Up Their School Lunches

If your child goes to school with the same old peanut-butter-and-jelly-in-a-brown-bag each day, try spicing up their lunch routine! Consider a fresh take on the peanut butter and jelly by using fun cookie-cutter shapes! Maybe try adding something completely off-the-wall, such as a meat and cheese kebab, a hummus and pita wrap, or their favorite sweet treat. Remember to load your child’s school lunch with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as the nutrition will help power their brains through a long day of learning.

Reward Your Child for Good Grades

Has your child been pining after the latest gadget or gift? Whether it is a new piece of technology or a new plush-toy unicorn, make them work for it! Tell your child to do their best at school and make good grades, then reward them for it! If your kid wants that unicorn bad enough, they are going to put in the extra effort at school.

Plan Social Events

If there is an event – such as a birthday, a holiday, or a school event – that is happening soon, make some invitations with your kid to send to the rest of the class! This will help them socialize and make new friends and it gives them something to look forward to when preparing to go to school. Getting kids excited to go back to school doesn’t have to be a chore for them when they are surrounded by a classroom full of friends. When your child starts to make new friends, help them plan and facilitate play dates.

Be Interested in Their Curriculum

Kids often take cues from their parents. If you are (or seem) genuinely interested in what they are learning, ask them questions! This can encourage a healthy learning atmosphere both inside of school and outside of school. Read their paper and help with their homework (but don’t do it for them!) when they get home and take a genuine interest in what the school is teaching your kid. You’d be surprised what this simple paradigm shift can do for their learning experience.

Create a Fun Study Space at Home

Another great way to get your child motivated to learn is to create a fun study space at home. Let your kid decorate and plan their own safe study nook and designate it as a fun and creative place to learn and do their homework. Be involved in the process and let your child express their personalities and address their needs. This study nook can be a great step on the road to academic success.

Buy Classroom Supplies Online

Now that you’ve learned how to motivate your child to go back to school, make sure that the classroom has all the proper supplies to ensure a healthy and creative learning environment! On the first day of school – or even mid-way through the semester –ask the teacher if the classroom needs any new arts and crafts supplies, classroom decorations, or general classroom supplies! Almost always, the teacher will need something and be grateful for the fact that you asked. Hygloss Products provides creative products for art and education and we are committed to the academic success of your child through the use of fun and educational learning materials. Give us a call at (973) 458-1700 if you have any questions about our products!
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