How to Support Your Child As A Budding Artist

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how to support your child as a budding artist

Did you ever wish you could support your child into becoming a budding artist? Art is a great way to encourage cognitive and overall development for your child. But more than that, it helps them connect with their creativity and imagination, allowing them to imagine new ways to express themselves. It’s also been proven to help in the academic setting: In a study of over 10,000 third- to eighth-grade students, those given arts educational experience scored 13% better on writing exams and had a 3.6% decrease in disciplinary infractions. Another study on the impact of a comprehensive art curriculum in Ohio showed that students in that program scored higher on math, science, and citizenship statewide tests. It’s clear that art skills translate into real-life skills, whether your child does art for fun or has the potential to pursue art professionally. If your child is interested in the arts, here are a few ways to nurture their creativity.

Give them a space to experiment

give kids space to experiment

Your child may feel an artistic spark ignited in different ways, be it through painting or drawing, creating clay sculptures, or even decorative art such as origami or paper mache. Whatever their inclination, you can encourage them to keep making art by having a designated art area at home. It doesn’t have to be big, but ideally, this space is well-stocked with paper, pencils, crayons, or whatever else they may need. In our “Passport Book Ideas” post, we talked about how a blank passport can encourage children to draw learnings from recent travels. This is one of the things you can keep handy in this designated space. Chances are, you already have art supplies around the home, and it’s simply a matter of consolidating everything into one easy-to-reach drawer for your child. This literal and metaphorical space for art in your child’s life fosters creative confidence. It also encourages using their hands – and movements like cutting, stamping, or coloring help improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Facilitate a holistic art education

Reading is an essential skill across all ages, allowing for the development of critical thinking, comprehension, reasoning, and more. From the narratives they read, budding artists can take inspiration and find new ways to tell their own stories through art. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available for your young artist to tap into. The new Everand website hosts plenty of ebooks and audiobooks for them to try. Thousands of well-loved titles, such as Lord of the Rings, could inspire your child in worldbuilding and character development. Plus, new original content from celebrated authors ensures you and your child always have a new book to bond over. With audiobooks and ebooks, art education can continue on the car ride to school or offline. As your child engages with other forms of self-expression, such as in literature, they can forge their own distinctive artistic identity.

Bond through art

As much as art is an enriching experience, it is also a way to open a child’s eyes to the truths of the world around them, fostering a more profound understanding of social, cultural, and economic issues. As a bonding activity, you and your child can visit art galleries and exhibitions, witness performance art, and see art in the real world. A study published in the Psychological Science journal featured 159 kids aged eight to 13 who were shown art that evoked various emotions and were asked to count items for a food drive afterward. Those who were shown awe-inspiring art counted 50% more items for the drive than those who were shown joyful or neutral videos. Exposing your child to age-appropriate art that has roots in real-world issues allows the child to take the focus away from themselves and help others – which, in turn, can help them create art that is compassionate and meaningful.

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Article written by: Rose Jenson Exclusively for Hygloss


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