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A good education is built on the foundation of good habits. A good study habit will take anyone far in school and in life. Children have so much energy, keeping their attention and interest in studying is a universal challenge for all teachers. How can you make studying fun and also educational? Read on to find out!

Flash Cards

The Importance of Good Studying Habits

Studying is something that most children must learn how to do, it is more independent of personality and intelligence than most people would think. The catch is that good studying habits lead to a feedback loop. It goes something like this:

A child who gets into a good studying habit early on tends to perform at an acceptable to above-average level from an early age. Because they have a good foundation of knowledge and concepts, each step up—whether that be the next set of chapters for a topic such as math or the next grade level, they are well prepared. They need only focus on the new bits of information.

Schoolwork becomes somewhat “easy” for them because they’re working with the system perfectly. Easy in the sense that the well-studied student knows that doing adequately on a test or on coursework is just a matter of putting the time in. If you’ve ever struggled as a student, you would know that it’s not just doing the work, it’s the psychological fear that despite putting in the effort, the work you do won’t be good enough. It is only when a child starts to get behind or learn incompletely that they begin struggling in school and they become susceptible to these patterns.

So, if a student starts to do well due to good studying habits, they essentially pick up the momentum that—should they continue, never really gets lost.

Study Buddies

bright study buddies

If you’d like to get your students to enjoy studying, make it fun by using our very popular Study Buddies! Study Buddies are like flashcards, but better! These are very popular with young children who absolutely adore the different shapes they come in such as butterflies, rectangles, circles, and…people! They also come in an assortment of colors. They’re made from sturdy card stock and include a book ring so that you can organize your study buddies by topic or categories if you’d like.

This ability to organize them makes them highly effective learning aids for students. Consider how much easier it is to pull out a ring of study buddies solely dedicated to grammar, or math, or history. Having students be able to flip back and forth between them will make remembering these details far easier than having to write them out on paper and search for specific facts between the lines. Writing them out on our Study Buddies makes them not only more likely to remember them since writing things increasing your ability to recall them, but it also makes them easier to find as each person shaped card can hold a few facts at most.

Our person-shaped and butterfly shapes are most popular with younger children, whereas older children prefer the rectangles and circles as they are easier to write on and can fit more facts—which is typically necessary for later grades that have more material to remember.

If you don’t need the book ring and just want high-quality flashcards that come in a multitude of colors or just plain white, then we also have those as well!

Sentence Strips For Reading Practice

fluorescent sentence strips

Our Bright Sentence Strips are excellent for getting students to practice reading and writing. They have a wide variety of uses; you can use them as flashcards, desk nameplates, or—because they’re made out of sturdy paper, they can be used to accent paper construction arts and crafts such as paper hats and crowns!

One of our favorite games that you can play with these Sentence Strips is to write many open-ended sentences and jumble them up together. Then, you let students see how many sentences they can string together to make a story or statement. This game is not only fun but also promotes creative thinking and educates children on how sentences work together and don’t work together. There are also many truly funny accidental combinations that only children could come up with!

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