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A scrapbook defies definition outside of the fact that it is a book in which you can cut, paste, and add a variety of craft items, paper, photos, and other items to color onto. A scrapbook has an infinite amount of ways it can be customized and tailored to the individual’s expression. No two scrapbooks will look alike, not for adults and certainly not for children. There are no rules when it comes to scrapbooking, but there are some items that can be used universally in a number of ways. Here are some Hygloss top craft picks for children’s (and adult) scrapbooking!

1 – Bright Sheets of Craft Paper


The first pick is always the simplest. However, simple isn’t a bad thing! In the case of craft supplies, there is nothing simpler and universally useful as bright sheets of craft paper. They can be cut into any shape and use for just about anything. Consider all that you can do with construction paper, you can use it as the page itself. It can be cut apart to accent certain parts of an existing page or use it to frame objects you’re going to glue into the scrapbook. The uses are endless.


If you’re fond of taking photos and posting them in your scrapbook, try our bright sentence strips on for size. These strips are great for getting children to write and practice reading. The strips are also a great caption strip for photographs in your child’s scrapbook. The best projects truly are educational, why not have them practice their writing while also expressing their creativity by captioning photos or drawings that they’ve created?

2 – Craft Stickers for Projects


It’s not a stretch to say that children are not nearly as resourceful as adults. That’s okay, our educational supplies are all about helping children develop cognitively while also having a ton of fun doing it. We learn best when we’re having fun. That being said, sometimes it’s nice to have something that is just glue and stick and…you’re done! Stickers accomplish that, they let your child accent parts of their scrapbook without having to painstakingly try to recreate everything they want to add. For example, not every child can draw a dinosaur if they want to add one to their book—I can’t even draw a dinosaur, and I’m an adult. Stickers are the way to go here.

3 – Hygloss Glitter


Have you been reading this blog? You had to have known it was coming then. Hygloss glitter! One of our most popular products by far and for good reason. Simple, effective, to the point. Children love eyecatching things and the shine and sparkle of glitter is no exception. There is hardly a better combination than good old glue and glitter, and it’s this ease of use that has always made glitter something many children find incredibly enjoyable. You can draw out just about any shape using glue, shake glitter over it and voila! You have a picture made out of glitter.

4 – Wood Craft Supplies


When you think of craft projects, it’s hard not to imagine wood products as well. Popsicle sticks are the building blocks of many craft projects. We offer items like our Wood Die Cut Craft Sticks that can add a lot to any craft project or children’s scrapbook. These wooden sticks have shapes of people as well as other common shapes such as stars and hearts that children are drawn to. They’re an easy and effective way for kids to symbolize a person in their scrapbooking project if they want to tell a story about how their day went.

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