Blank Puzzles With Envelopes

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These premium quality blank puzzles include envelopes; the perfect way to store your puzzles or mail them to someone you love!

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Hygloss Blank Puzzles With Envelopes are exciting for kids of all ages. Decorate your blank jigsaw puzzle; then have fun breaking it apart and reassembling it over and over.

The jigsaw puzzles are ideal for both home and classroom use. They are the perfect blank puzzles to use as a special activity for any lesson plan, party, event, or just for fun! The puzzles are white on one side and gray on the reverse side. Made from sturdy cardboard, each blank puzzle comes preassembled and stays together until taken apart. Each pack includes equal amounts of envelopes and puzzles, so you can take apart your puzzles and store – or send – them in a super-convenient way!

Looking for a way to entertain your kids on a rainy day? Are you a homeschool Mom who wants to innovate with creative and unique teaching materials? The Hygloss Blank Puzzles are the way to go when it comes to educational and creative learning activities for kids!

Kids will love using their talent and creativity to make their own DIY invitations! Use bold markers to write the details of the party onto each blank puzzle. Have fun decorating the puzzles. Then break them apart and put each set into its own envelope. The recipients will have a great surprise when they have to assemble the puzzle in order to read the invitation!

Hygloss blank jigsaw puzzles are made from superior quality materials, ensuring that the product will hold up and perform. Choose from several sizes and quantities to suit your needs. We carry rectangle puzzles, circle shape puzzles and heart shape puzzles. We also have a specialty line of COMMUNITY PUZZLES for WEDDINGS and EVENTS, TEAM-BUILDING and GUEST BOOK PUZZLES!

  • Decorate with: Crayons/ Markers/ Rubber Stamps/ Pencils/ Paints
  • White on the front; gray on reverse side
  • Equal number puzzles and envelopes
  • Comes preassembled and remains assembled until taken apart


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