Colorful Latex Balloons

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These colorful latex balloons are perfect for games and party decorations, and will jazz up craft projects with a 3D touch.

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Hygloss Colorful Balloons, made from natural latex, are instant smile-makers for children and can make a festive atmosphere for adults as well. No party could ever be complete without a set of balloons hanging up jovially. With 144 balloons per pack, in an assortment of colors, you will be able to find the colored balloons that match your decor.

Looking for birthday party activities? Day camp games? Carnival Fun? Use Hygloss Latex Balloons in assorted colors for an endless variety of creative balloon games and activities.

  • BALLOON DANCE – In this classic game, participants tie blown-up balloons to their ankle with yarn, and then dance around trying to step on their friends’ balloons by stepping on them. The winner is the last one left with an un-popped balloon!
  •  BALLOON RELAY RACE – Create two teams that both stand in a straight line, some distance from two chairs. Each participant holds a blown-up balloon in their hands. The first in line on each team runs up to the chair, places their balloon on their chair, sits on it until it pops. Then they run back to tag the next team member, who repeats these steps. The first team to finish popping all their balloons wins!
  • BALLOONS AND SHAVING CREAM – For a fun and safe – but messy – carnival booth, give participants a blown up balloon and coat it in shaving cream. Participants race each other to remove the shaving cream from the balloon with the help of a popsicle stick, without popping the balloon of course!

Hygloss colorful balloons are made from 100% natural rubber latex. They are superior in quality and function, giving you superb elasticity and no brittle balloons.


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