Blank Heart Puzzles (6 x 8-Inch)

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These Blank Heart Puzzles are loads of fun to decorate, then take apart and reassemble.

Puzzles measure 6 x 8-inches, and include 8 puzzles pieces per puzzle.


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Hygloss Blank Heart Shape Puzzles are exciting for kids of all ages. Decorate with crayons, markers, pencils, rubber stamps, or paints. Then have fun breaking it apart and reassembling it over and over. Whether for home or classroom use, these heart puzzles are perfect as a special activity for any lesson plan, party, event, or just for fun!

Puzzles are white on the front and gray on the reverse side. Made from sturdy cardboard, the puzzles come preassembled and stay together until taken apart.

These blank heart shape puzzles make the perfect home made gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and any time you want to say “I love you”!



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