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Learn to build a DNA molecule with this cool, hands on STEM kit. Kids will love the fun and creativiy while learning about the structure of DNA.


The DNA STEM Kit is great for teaching or learning while you’re crafting. These science kits allow kids to be creative while learning about the structure of DNA molecules. It is fun to put together, whether as a class, in small groups, or individually. The Styrofoam balls easily accept acrylic paint or acrylic enamel paint (not included), which will help identify the various components of the DNA molecule. Easy to follow instructions are included. A great resource for teachers who are looking upgrade their science lesson to interactive and hands-on.

Packaged in an attractive sturdy clear cylinder, the DNA STEM kit includes everything you need to create your own model of DNA:

  • 40 Styrofoam balls
  • 20 rods
  • 12 Chenille stems
  • 1 reinforcement wire
  • Display stand



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