Mini Barrel Pony Beads – Translucent – 1150 Pcs.

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Create eye-catching bead projects with top quality, Translucent Mini Barrel Pony Beads. Beads are sold in reusable plastic buckets.
Includes 1,150 beads and beading thread.


Hygloss Mini Barrel Pony Beads are a smaller version of the widely popular barrel pony beads. These translucent beads come in an assortment of vibrant colors, and have a smooth and glossy finish. Choose Translucent Mini Barrel Pony Beads for more mature, refined looking home-made jewelry. Try pairing with bigger beads, stringing in an alternating pattern, for a more original bead craft. Or pair with our Opaque Mini Barrel Pony Beads for more variety and fun!

  • Beads measure 4 mm tall x 6.5 mm diameter
  • Includes 1,150 beads (4 oz.) in reusable container
  • Elastic Beading Thread included


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