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My Ruler

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These revolutionary paper rulers and yard sticks make it easy and fun to teach the concept of measurements to young students. Conveniently pre-cut, easy-to-read numbers, and sturdy card stock make these rulers your #1 choice for educational measuring tools!

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My Ruler Paper Rulers are revolutionary learning rulers, die-cut and printed on glossy 10 pt. card stock. The paper ruler is available in two sizes, a 36” yard stick or a 12” ruler, and it comes in 4 bright colors and white.

The paper rulers feature clear, easy-to-read numbers, making it simple for students to grasp the concept of measurements.  Standard measurements (inches) are printed along one side, with metric measurements (centimeters) on the other side.

The reverse side of My Ruler is matte white, with a an area for students to neatly print their names.  As an added bonus, there is a nifty measurement and conversion chart printed on reverse side for help on the go!

  • RULER: 12.25″ x 2″
  • YARD STICK: 36.5″ X 3″
  • EASY TO WRITE ON: The front, glossy colored side of the ruler works best permanent markers or pens. On the white back, which is not glossy, you can write with pen, pencil, crayon or marker.


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