People Shape Decorating Kit, 7-Inch Cut-Outs, Makes 24

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Use our culturally diverse people cut-out kits to create a lesson plan or as a home crafts project.

Kit Includes:

  • 7″ People Shapes in 5 culturally diverse colors (24 PIECES)
  • 100 Wiggle Eyes
  • Shredded brown paper (for hair)
  • Gummed Paper in Assorted Colors
  • FREE TEMPLATE with clothing designs


The People Shape Decorating Kit is a great way to help children express themselves when doing an “All About Me”, “Community Workers”, or “Culturally Diverse” themed unit. The kits include:

  • 24 people shapes made of quality card stock, in 6 assorted skin tone colors
  • Brown shredded paper for hair
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Gummed paper to make clothes.

All you still need is scissors, glue, and your imagination!

*Includes FREE TEMPLATE with clothing designs!*


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