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Smiley Face Calendar Kit

Item #33110 In Stock

The Hygloss Smiley Face Calendar Kit will help get your students get interested in learning about the calendar. Kit includes Calendar, day cards, month cards, and hangtak.


The Smiley Face Calendar Kit is a terrific teaching tool for your classroom. Help your students learn about the days and weeks of the month with this fun and friendly calendar. Hygloss Wall Calendars are sturdy enough for daily use and you can choose from calendars with smiley faces, bugs or rainbow people decorations.
Hygloss Calendar Kits feature everything you need in one convenient kit. It includes:

  • 1 Smiley FaceWall Calendar
  • 31 Smiley Face Numbered Days Cards
  • 12 Months Cards
  • 2 oz. of HangTak.


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