Super Huge Craft Kit Treasure Box

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The Super Huge Craft Kit Treasure Box has everything you need for a wide variety of crafts. It includes: Metallic, Embossed, Parchment, & Holographic Papers, Bright Paper and Cardstock, Cello Sheets, Glitter, Balloons, Colored Bags, Colored Tissue, Paper Doilies, Buttons, Curly Hair, Sequins, Door Hangers, Stick-A-Licks, Wiggle Eyes, Foam Sheets, People Shapes, and Bookmarks!


The Super Huge Craft Kit is a virtual treasure box of valuable open-ended craft items. Your children and students will love creating their own original masterpieces! The craft box is loaded with popular craft and collage items. You will receive:

  • Metallic Paper, Embossed Paper, Parchment Paper, Holographic Paper, Bright Paper and Cardstock
  • Glitter, Balloons, Buttons, Sequins, Wiggle Eyes, Stick-A-Licks, 
  • Foam Sheets, Colored Tissue, Paper Doilies, Cello Sheets
  • Bookmarks, Colored Paper Bags, Door Hangers, People Shape Cut-Outs, Curly Hair


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