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Retro Christmas Trees

Here’s a fun retro style Christmas Tree Ornament Project. Super easy and perfect for kids 5 and up! Just grab some Hygloss Popstixs, Bucket O’Sequins, Craft Glue and other fun supplies.



bucket of sequins, hygloss

Hygloss Popstixs

Step One

Paint the popstixs using craft paint, let dry. We chose to paint ours with pink and green craft paint. You could also paint the lollipop sticks at this point. We chose to paint them after they were glued.


Step Two

Glue the sides of the painted popstixs together to for a triangle. Then cut a square shape from paper and glue to the bottom of the triangle shape. Let dry. See Photos


Step Three

Add lollipop sticks to the back of the triangle shape. We cut the sticks to fit the back of the tree. Adults should do this step.


Step Four

Once the glue has dried, start adding various sequin shapes, glittered foam stars and a piece of ribbon or thread to hang your ornament up. We used the larger sequin circles found in the bucket o’sequins.


Get creative with the kids. Add tinsel, wrap pipe cleaners around the tree or use them in place of the lollipop sticks. Add tiny tree trimmings, foil cut outs, felt scraps and more. The choice is yours.

This is a perfect project for those with minimal craft skills, young children, even the older kids and adults. Perfect family project. Recommended ages 4 /5 years and up!

Come back soon for more fun projects!