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Ah, summer. The time for hot weather and fantastic vacations. If you’ve ever been to the beach undoubtedly you have seen your share of seashells. I mean, they’re everywhere!

Seashells are great to bring summertime memories back to you any season. In this article, we have brought together 20 fabulous crafts that you can do with seashells.

This collection’s going to make you want to go out to the beach and grab some more shells. Can’t make it to the beach? You can buy our seashells here and start doing some of your favourite crafts.

Hygloss Sea Shells are perfect for gluing onto craft projects, decorating & creating seaside displays. The beautiful, rich assortment of colours is sure to enhance all your craft projects.

Let’s get started crafting with those shells. Before we’re through, your home will look like it belongs on the beach with the other cottages. We’ll fill it with beach-worthy décor!

sea shell flower pots

1. Flower Pots decorated with Seashells

Use those seashells to decorate your hot season flowers by attaching them to your flower pots. These specific flower pots are weathered first, so they have that great beach cottage look and then adorned with your seashells. These are really easy to do. Just imagine how great they’ll look on your porch or inside your home! Do them in several sizes to really dress up your planting.

2. Clamshell Centerpiece

antique silver sea shells


Turn those seashells into this beautiful centrepiece that’s ideal for gracing the table during summer. Not only does this make you creatively use up those seashells, but you can also add a fascinating cyclamen plant in it that brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Just fill a bigger clamshell with potting soil and add the plant. Then use the smaller shells for decoration. really easy and yet so beautiful!

3. Shell Bouquets

sea shell bouquet

If you’re planning a wedding this summer or any time soon, this is the ideal bridal bouquet. It’s decorated with lovely seashells to offer it a real beachy look, and what could possibly be better at your wedding than a bit of the beach? If you want a more traditional look, then combine the flowers and shells together. You can do the same bouquets, but in smaller versions for bridesmaids. Even if you’re not planning a wedding, just make one and let it sit on a table.

seashell shadow box

4. Seashell Shadow Boxes

These shadow boxes aren’t only gorgeous, they’re also very easy to make. You’ll get most of the supplies you wish at Hygloss online craft store and if you have seashells already on hand then you’re halfway there. Just fill your shadow boxes with shells and add in the sand or everything else you want. Mix up the sizes of your shells to really make them special.


5. Seashell Night Lights

seashell night-light

Who wouldn’t love a seashell night light? You may find this a beautiful idea for the toilet, especially if your bathroom contains a shell or beach theme. You’ll also use these in kids’ rooms if they love the beach as much as you do. You can use any number of seashells, sand dollars, or just about anything you discover on the beach to add to them, too.


6. Seashell Candles

seashell candles

These lovely little seashell tealights are very simple to make and best of all, you’ll fill them with whatever scent you like. You word for word just need to get your seashells, melt some wax, add the necessary oils of your taste, and then fill the shells. You’ll also add a wick. Candle making is so entertaining and it’s even better when you can display these cute little seashell candles at your next get-together.


7. Seashell Hair Pins

These DIY hairpins are the right complement to your summer wardrobe. Why? Because they have seashells, of course! This is one of the foremost unique, and yet easiest, of all of the seashell projects. Honestly, you just glue the seashell to a bobby pin and you’re ready. You’ll also probably do the same thing with clip hair barrettes if you want to use them on the little ones, so they’ll stay in place better.

seashell hairpins

8. Seashell Summer Mason Jars

jar seashell

So, here’s a somewhat different take on a seashell candle. These little candles are encased in jars and the jars are filled with seashells. Honestly, all you have to do is add a somewhat wide convex shape candle and then encircle it with seashells. These are wonderful for decorating those dinner tables outdoors or just having around to line your porch railing.

9. Seashell Souvenir Jar

What better way to remember that fantastic family holiday to the beach than with this DIY souvenir jar? You just choose a jar and fill it with a reminder of your vacation. Sort through your seashells and use the foremost unique or put them all in jars and make a keepsake for everybody in the family. Label them with twine and cardboard tags to offer them a wonderfully rustic look.

10. Mason Jar Seashell Lamp

If you want to truly test your craft skills and use a bit more creativity, this mason jar lamp is the right craft for you. You’ll need a light case and a mason jar and then some seashells to add the decorative touch. This is great for a bedside table lamp, particularly for anyone who really wants to live at the beach.

11. DIY Beach Jars

Here’s another special take on a beach jar. These are very easy to make and are perfect for decorating in any room and bringing a bit of the beach into your décor. Just pick up a really tall jar, glass, or something else, fill about 1/2 with sand, then add your collected seashells or other beach things. I really like how very simple these are to make and they can be so versatile.

seashell garland

12. Seashell Garland

What do you do with a few seashells and a few fishing line or twine? You put them together to form this excellent garland. I really like how creative and yet simple this concept is. You may use this for outdoor decorations for those summer pool parties, or hang it from your porch if you just need a bit of the beach around when you sit outside. You may even want to string it from the mantel.

sea in a bottle

13. Sea in a Bottle

We love this concept. It’s a Sea in a Bottle keepsake which brings a few beach memories back home with you. This is such an excellent gift idea. Don’t spend on souvenirs at the beach. Just grab some cheap bottles and bring everybody back their very own peace of the ocean.

14. Mini Aquarium

A small mini aquarium is too lovely, and you can modify it with those seashells that you have leftover from other crafts. Depending on the dimensions of the bowl or glass you utilize, you could keep some goldfish or betas in here, too. Think about your kids’ faces when you present them with their very own little aquarium. This is a cute idea and one that will take you about 10 minutes to finish.

15. Clam Shell Critters

clam seashell crafts

Kids will go bonkers over these lovely small sea creatures, made from clamshells. You only have to paint them and then add some small googly eyes. These would be great as kitchen magnets or you might be really creative and turn them into key chains or any number of other things or just use them for the children to play with when they really start missing the beach.

16. Beachy Christmas Ornaments

We have to admit that these Christmas ornaments with their beach theme are perfect. If you’ve ever wanted or dreamed about being at the beach during the coldest time of the year, especially if you reside where it snows during winter, then these are great. You can find these DIY decorations at Hygloss craft store then you only fill them with your preferred beach memories.

beach christmas decoration seashell

17. Textured Beachy Wine Bottles

bottle seashell

Wine bottle crafts are perfect, and this one is especially great because they also incorporate seashells. Whether you want to use these bottles to make something interesting, or you just want to sit them on a table and display them, or even use them as flower holders for small bouquets, they’re easy to do and so attractive when they’re finished. You just need to empty up those wine bottles and get creative with these textured beauties.

18. Mermaid Necklaces

marmaid necklase

We love DIY mermaid necklaces. All you need are some craft supply like glitter and glue, a tiny clamshell, a glass tone,  and you have just what you need to make any small kids’ dream come true. These are so simple to make and so lovely. Who knows? You may adore them so much you’ll make one for yourself too. These would be perfect for summer parties – you can use them as party favours!

19. Clam Shell Wreath

This clamshell wreath is all shells and put together, they make a shocking statement piece for your entry door or anywhere in the house, you want to hang it. You can put these around a wreath form, heart form, etc. and use a group of sizes and colours if you want, or make them completely uniform to make the wreath a bit more elegant.

sea shell wreath

20. Shell Path Lanterns

Use those leftover seashells to make a beautiful path to your front door. Just add them to your path lanterns! this is the simplest project, yet one that makes such a dramatic statement. You can use clamshells, starfish, or whatever seashells you may have on hand. or you could decorate your lanterns and use them as décor inside the house, too.

seashell path laterns

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