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Arts and crafts are an incredible way for children to get involved in their school projects. There is nothing more exciting to children in school than looking at the bulletin board or schedule and knowing that a crafts project is coming up. This usually means a break from formal studying and a chance to really let loose and express themselves. While arts and crafts have many, many ways to be constructed, the most basic component is craft paper! Here are the top 3 Hygloss craft papers that children love!

1 – Velour Paper

Velour paper  is the solution you never knew you needed! Our velour paper supplies are par none and are a huge hit with teachers and students alike! By far, markers, color pencils, and crayons are more popular in schools since they require less set up and create less of a mess. However, that doesn’t mean other mediums aren’t popular.

The surface of the paper is velvety, and so velour paper excels at taking in chalk, paints, and pastels. Ordinary paper will just bleed through and sometimes cause markings on desks and other surfaces that may not be easily cleaned off. Because velour paper takes in so many different kinds of mediums, it’s a huge hit in classrooms and certainly useful to have because you never know when its time to break out the paints and chalks!

2 – Metallic Foil Paper

Our metallic foil paper is kind of the opposite of velour or other paper types. Instead of being the canvas, it IS the medium. Metallic foil paper sees a ton of use in many different craft projects that require something stunning and eye-catching.

One of the simplest ways to make great use of metallic foil paper is to use it as a background piece to highlight other objects in the foreground. This is most often seen in dioramas—which are a classic and highly popular crafts project that children use because of how easy it is to set up, but also because of how creative you can get with them. Almost everyone can recall someone making a solar system diorama at some point in school! Make your cosmos look a bit shinier with metallic foil paper!

3  – Corrugated Craft Paper

Metallic foil paper is used to add pizazz and shine to a project. Velour paper is best for making your life easier when using paints, chalks, and pastels in the classroom. Corrugated craft paper truly shines on its own. With this type of paper, you can make very sturdy craft projects that need the extra durability and rigidity. For example, if you wanted to make a house out of paper, you could cut shapes out of our corrugated craft paper, and use your own preferred way to attach them. We offer assorted colors so you’ll never be short on style or options!

Craft Paper Educational Supplies

Craft paper is one of the simplest but most effective ways to kickstart a new project and create something amazing. However, not all educational and craft supplies are created equal!

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